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Gymnast Olivia Dunne In Cheeky Leotard Stretch Says She's 'Relaxing'

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By Evie Scott on July 4, 2024 at 12:30 PM EDT

Olivia Dunne kept her caption amusingly breezy as she delivered an impressive floor stretch in January. Kicking the year off to a flexible start, the 21-year-old gymnast showed off her impressive abilities from a mat while stripped to a cheeky leotard, delighting her Instagram fans and quickly gaining comments. While Dunne has made headlines for revealing she earns seven figures from her social media endorsements, she still posts photos and videos of her OG gymnastics love, and this photo was a reminder of just how capable she is. Fans left the LSU gymnast with over 380,000 likes.

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Olivia Dunne Gets Flexible In Her Skimpy Leotard

Scroll for the photo. Flipping her legs up in the air while lying on her back, Olivia kept her gaze focused as she stretched one of her super-toned legs right up past her head.

Rocking a glossy, metallic purple leotard that shouted out the LSU Tigers, Olivia flashed her toned rear and svelte waistline, pointing the stretched-out leg's foot and wearing a white ankle support on that foot.

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Keeping her arms by her side as she turned heads with her supple display, Olivia Dunne gazed up at the foot sitting above her head. In a caption, she wrote: "Just kicking back relaxing..." Fans only had good words to say. "Very athletic young lady!" one replied. "Need some popcorn," another wrote.

Olivia regularly shows off her gymnastics on both her IG and her TikTok, although the latter has also included other workouts this year. In May, she posted a promotional video for her 8 million TikTok fans, shouting out gym chain Planet Fitness and letting everyone know that teens are eligible for free summer passes at the establishment. The accompanying footage showed Olivia using both Planet Fitness' cardio and resistance machines.

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Jaw-Dropping Splits

Eyeing up the holidays last year, Olivia thrilled fans with this beam snap, spreading her legs out into a wowing side split as she showed just how bendy she is. "Seasons greetings," she captioned the December 2023 share.

While Olivia Dunne may appear to dedicate a high percentage of her social media posts to cash-earning promos, she's revealed that she always puts gymnastics first.

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Flexible Star Puts Gymnastics First

Speaking to Peoplein May, the blonde shared:

"During my season, a bunch of work obligations, I push them aside to the summer because I'm just so busy during the season and then it kind of starts to pile up during my summers. So right now I'm starting to get to the point where it's piling up a bit, but I'm going to balance it all and I'm going to make everything work between going and seeing Paul, working and relaxing."

Here, Olivia had mentioned baseball player boyfriend Paul Skenes.

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