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Iggy Azalea In Only A G-String Shows What She Won't 'Accept'

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By Evie Scott on July 4, 2024 at 11:00 AM EDT

Iggy Azalea was definitely making a statement as she stripped to a red G-string and absolutely nothing else for photos shared to her social media. In February 2023, an Instagram fan account dedicated to the Australian rapper reposted the snaps, ones seeing Iggy go romantic with a bouquet of fresh roses while sending out daggers via her message. Modeling a skimpy pair of underpants with lettering on them, Iggy showed fans what she refuses to "accept," although some may have been too distracted by the topless display to read the message.

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Iggy Azalea Strips Topless With Fresh Roses

Scroll for the photos. Posing against a tan wall and lifting one arm up, Iggy used her free hand to clutch a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers.

Sending out Valentine's Day vibes, the "Lola" hitmaker flashed her bare chest tastefully as she just about kept safe, drawing the eye from her ample cleavage to her toned abs and beyond. Stripping down to the tiniest red pair of thong briefs, Iggy Azalea had fans pinching in to see the lettering — "I will not accept a life I do not deserve" was written in white on the front of the underwear.

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All curvy hips and thick thighs as she flashed her insane waistline, Iggy wowed with her long blonde locks worn down and curled, also keeping glam with a heavy layer of matte makeup complete with blush and dark lipstick. Anyone swiping got an even racier view, though. Here, the OnlyFans star offered a close-up of her lingerie, with fans seeing the message all over again.

In the second snap, Iggy further upped the ante with parts of the bouquet visible, placing her hands around her briefs as she flaunted both her long pink manicure and her diamond bracelet.

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Bikini Bombshell Quits Music

In January 2024, Iggy made headlines for announcing she'd hit pause on her fourth studio album. The mom of one, who was in the top ten OnlyFans earners of 2023, is seemingly set to continue her adult ventures, something she explained to fans in a heartfelt apology.

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Itty-Bitty Green Bikini

“I know a lot of people have this idea that I was ‘bullied away from music’ and that’s something I’ve always laughed at because I’d never be bullied out of anything! In fact, I’m too stubborn. I think I’ve even resisted changes within myself at times, purely because I don’t like being viewed as someone who quits," she began, then stating that she feels "more passionately about design and creative direction than I do about songwriting."

Fans are paying for racier content on Iggy Azalea's OnlyFans, but bikini snaps like this one are free on her Instagram. Iggy is followed by 17.6 million on the platform.

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