Gracie Kramer at NCAA Gymnastics 2019

Gracie Kramer's Memorable Perfect 10 Floor Routine Resurfaces As Olympics Approach

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on July 3, 2024 at 3:30 PM EDT

As the 2024 Paris Olympics approach, sports fans are reminiscing about past sporting events, including gymnast Gracie Kramer's perfect 10 floor routine.

The former UCLA gymnast represented her college at the National Collegiate Athletics Association meet in January 2020. Four years later, Gracie Kramer's iconic floor routine continues to go viral.

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UCLA Talks About The Culture That Defines Viral Floor Routines

Gracie Kramer at NCAA Gymnastics 2019

Earlier this year, Chae Campbell, a senior at UCLA, spoke to Daily Bruin, about how much it means to her and her college to be recognized for floor.

“Being acknowledged for not just the tumbling I do but for the dances that I do is so progressive,” Campbell said. “I love that people are acknowledging the full art of floor because I think that really elevates UCLA gymnastics.”

Each and every routine embodies individuality and artistry, which grabs the attention of Americans year after year.

“Everyone wants their floor routine to be unique and different, and we would embrace that uniqueness,” Gracie Kramer, who graduated from UCLA in 2020, told the outlet. “Thank goodness that culture stayed. … It’s what makes UCLA gymnastics such an amazing program.”

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Bottom line... no routine is the same as the next.

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Throwback To Gracie Kramer's 2020 Floor Routine

Sports fans will never forget when Gracie Kramer received a perfect 10 for her villainous floor routine. The former UCLA student delivered a unique and captivating performance, embodying the role of a villain against a backdrop of eerie music.

"It is dark, it is foreboding, and frankly, it just scares me a little bit," one of the commentators says as Kramer channels her evil side on the gym floor.

"Well, you should be scared," the other commentator added. "Basically, we're in a nightmare and she's the bad guy.”

Before taking the floor, Kramer spoke with reporters about her unique choreography. “It's so fun because it's so opposite of my personality,” she said. “I get to get out here and play a character.”

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Gracie Kramer Receives A Perfect Score

As the 2024 Olympics are just weeks away, social media users are resharing Kramer's perfect 10 floor routine, claiming the world needs "more gymnastics like this."

"Great job! Impressive," one Instagram user wrote after watching the performance.

"I LOVE things that are unique and creative!" another expressed.

"Umm that one gave me chills. Whew we! That was incredible," a third said, as another social media user wrote, "It’s giving dancer meets gymnast and I’m LIVING FOR IT."

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Incorporating More Personality Into Gymnastics Is A Win

After watching the Olympic Trials this past weekend, one sports fan said they told their husband "that all the floor routines are all the same, they’re boring" and that "it’s nice at the college level has personality."

Another described Gracie Kramer's performance as "powerful, dramatic and fabulous execution."

"So glad to see the music and floor routines being cohesive again, like the early days. Artistry is part of this apparatus," a third said.

Team USA Stuns At 2024 Olympic Trials

While Gracie Kramer's performance from 2020 is going viral once again, her name isn't the only one floating around social media.

After the Olympic Trials this past weekend, seven-time Olympian Simone Biles's floor routine went viral, which featured Taylor Swift's "...Ready For It" and “Delresto (Echoes)” by Travis Scott and Beyoncé.

The iconic beats of Swift's “… Ready For It?” began the iconic routine as the 27-year-old quickly transitioned into a series of small dance moves before launching into her first tumbling pass, a triple-double, which the commentator described as the "hardest tumbling pass in the world."

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“I wanted her to appear noble with something very pure, with her magnificent arms, the look in her eyes. I wanted something more athletic, more square, more geometrical,” Grégory Milan, the French choreographer behind the routine, told the New York Times. “Sometimes you don’t need too much, just a look, a way to position your arm, the way you carry a movement, and that’s what Simone succeeded in doing."

The 2024 Paris Olympics kick off on July 26 and will conclude on August 11.

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