Chelsea Handler Shows Off Evolved Body While Skinny Dipping And Ripping A J!

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By Jeff Mazzeo on February 21, 2021 at 3:28 PM EST

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Chelsea Handler has evolved into a much more relaxed (and nude) person!

The beautiful comedianne appeared stripped-down, emotionally and physically, on Sunday, February 21. She shared a video that featured herself skinny dipping in a hot tub while taking fat rips off a joint... okay, she hasn't changed that much but she spoke about how therapy, cannabis, and comedy have shaped her personality. The video was a cheeky way to promote her 2020 comedy special on HBO Max, "Evolution"

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Chelsea Handler, Instagram/chelseahandler

Handler hung out so her top was just below the waterline before jumping out of the hot tub completely at the end. The 45-year-old also announced that she is moving to a new home in the caption of her post.

"The new Chelsea just sold this house because the old Chelsea was getting a wee-bit too comfortable," Handler wrote. "The old Chelsea wouldn’t have talked about herself in the third person and the new Chelsea doesn’t want to either. Check out my stand up special Evolution on @hbomax now. Also available in Canada through @cravecanada."

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It's no surprise that her four million Instagram followers appreciated the gift she bestowed on their timelines, even if she halfway covered up with goofy emojis as she got out of the hot tub. "Yay new Chelsea ?," one complimentary follower wrote, while another said, "The new Chelsea needs to be freer with her body. ???" "New or old, I love you in all your iterations," a third fan commented.

She even received a huge compliment from Melanie Griffith! "You have the best boobs!???" Griffith wrote.

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Chelsea Handler in green tights and top. Instagram/chelseahandler

Chelsea has been working on her fitness for months and definitely has not refrained from flaunting her fit frame on the gram. It seems like she is taking a holiday break from her intense workouts but she recently admitted that she's in tip-top shape.

"I’m in the best shape of my life and you best believe there was no New Year’s resolution to cover up," Handler wrote on Instagram in January. "Left unsupervised, I will still enjoy a McMuffin and leftover jalapeno poppers. Who’s with me? ??‍♀️"

If she is left unsupervised on a ski lift... well, that opens up another set of problems. Her posts make people happy and she makes some people happier than others!

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