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Famous TikToker TooTurntTony Gets Banned From Daytona Beach

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on July 1, 2024 at 1:30 PM EDT

TooTurntTony is at it again.

The TikTok sensation, whose real name is Anthony Dawson, is one of the platform's biggest stars. With a jaw-dropping following of over 20.3 million, he has taken the internet by storm. In fact, Forbes recognized Tony by naming him one of their top 50 creators in 2023.

While he typically posts about wildlife conservation and his pet duck, Baby Girl, Tony also brings fans along for the wild ride he calls life. Most recently, TooTurntTony got banned from Daytona Beach.

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Banned From Daytona Beach

“This is how I got banned from Daytona Beach,” he said in a newly uploaded TikTok video. “So I recently made a shark fishing chair for my Jeep. Now I just need to find a beach where I could drive it.”

“After minimal research, Daytona was looking like the spot,” Tony added before he played a commercial that claimed, “If you’ve always wanted to take your car on the beach, Daytona is the place to get a little sand on your tire.”

“We’ll put that to the test,” Tony said.

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Putting It To The Test

TooTurntTony laying down with his pet duck
Instagram | TooTurntTony

“We were there for no longer than 20 minutes when I hooked into this,” he continued before someone took the wheel and began driving his Jeep away from the ocean. Tony held onto the fishing rod, but he soon yelled, “Stop the car!” as he hopped off the back and ran towards the water (fishing pole still in hand).

“A massive tiger shark,” he said as the camera panned to the catch. “We were surrounded by law enforcement fifteen minutes later.”

Tony then held up a citation, which reads “Daytona Beach Banning Notice.” – It’s safe to say that Tony won’t be catching anything at Daytona for a while…

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Why Did Tony Get Banned?

TooTurntTony in the lake with his friend
Instagram | TooTurntTony

Fans noticed that the video ended abruptly, with no explanation as to why TooTurntTony actually got banned.

“Why did he get banned?” one user asked as another echoed, “What did you do wrong?”

“How did he get banned? What did he do?” a third asked.

The Blast did some digging, and the mystery of why he got banned is still in the air. It couldn't have been for shark fishing because, according to Daytona’s official website, “Daytona Beach offers some of the best shark fishing in Florida.”

To fish for sharks, you must take an online course at to get a license. While we don’t know for sure if Tony has a license, it’s very likely, given his support for wildlife conservation.

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TooTurntTony Hosts Shark Week

Being the wildlife enthusiast he is, TooTurntTony recently announced on social media that he's been exploring Florida with a team of experts to learn all about sharks. He’s even calling it his very own Shark Week!

"For the last couple months, I have been traveling all over Florida documenting sharks with a team of experts as well as shark fishermen in an effort to learn more about these fascinating beasts while performing stunts that have never been attempted nor should be,” Tony said.

“Several shark and ocean wildlife videos will be posted throughout the monthly of June and July. All proceeds from the TooTurnt Shark Week project will be donated to the ocean cleanup," he added.

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Who Is TooTurntTony?

​​Anthony Dawson, better known as TooTurntTony or "Duck Daddy," started out as a duck rancher. He created fun videos with his ducks to raise awareness about wetland conservation. He skyrocketed to social media fame thanks to to his passionate wildlife conservation advocacy, hilarious comedy skits, quirky social experiments, and fun-filled videos, often featuring his family and, of course, his beloved ducks!

Alongside his wildlife advocacy, TooTurntTony teamed up with Boston-based NOCA Beverages to launch "Too Turnt Tea," a refreshing alcoholic iced tea.

"Partnering with TooTurntTony is a dream come true," NOCA Co-Founder Alex Febonio said. "We have worked with Tony for years, and we're very excited to grow our brands together. The boozy iced tea has an incredible flavor, and we love the energy and excitement that Tony and his team bring to our company."

"The idea just hit me like a freight train one day while I was driving. I immediately picked up the phone and called up Tony's team to pitch them the idea,” he added. “Since that moment, we've spent the past 10 months formulating this drink to be everything you love in a tea with a better for you boozy twist."

The spiked iced tea has 5% alcohol by volume, 95 calories, 2 grams of sugar, 2 grams of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and is gluten-free with no carbonation.

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