Alexandra Ianculescu takes a selfie.

Speed Skater Alexandra Ianculescu Takes A Selfie In Her Sheer Pink Lingerie

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By Alisan Duran on July 1, 2024 at 8:00 AM EDT

Romanian-Canadian speed skater Alexandra Ianculescu has recently stirred up excitement with a scintillating snapshot shared on her Instagram account!

Renowned for her exceptional skills on the ice, the 32-year-old athlete traded her skates for lingerie, capturing the attention of her followers with a captivating display of beauty and allure.

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Alexandra Ianculescu Leaves Little To The Imagination In An Instagram Post

In the photo, Ianculescu poses gracefully on the edge of the bed, dressed in sheer pink lingerie that highlights her stunning physique. Her confidence adds a touch of allure, showcasing a different side of the athlete known for her prowess in competitive sports.

Known for her dedication and commitment to speed skating, Ianculescu's off-the-ice presence continues to fascinate her fans. The snapshot offers a glimpse into her personal life, blending athleticism with elegance in a way that resonates with her followers.

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Doing Chores In Lingerie

In her Instagram caption, Ianculescu gave her followers an insight into her action-packed weekend routine. She detailed a busy schedule that started with mundane tasks like doing laundry and catching up on sleep. Despite this, her day quickly escalated to a whirlwind of activities that showcased her dedication to fitness and family time.

She mentioned waking up early to watch the prestigious Tour De France, highlighting her passion for sports beyond speed skating. Following this, she squeezed in a gym session, likely to maintain her peak physical condition required for competitive skating.

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Work-Life Balance

After possibly grabbing a quick nap to recharge, Ianculescu headed to the track, indicating ongoing training sessions crucial for honing her athletic skills. The mention of a family dinner underscored her commitment to spending quality time with loved ones amidst her demanding schedule.

The mention of flying to New York hinted at either a personal or professional engagement, adding an element of adventure to her already eventful day.

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Grateful For OnlyFans

Ianculescu has actively promoted her OnlyFans account on her Instagram profile, which she launched last year. Since its inception, the platform has garnered considerable attention from online users. Through her account, the speed skater has been able to generate substantial income, which she uses to support both her necessities and desires.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Ianculescu openly discussed her venture into OnlyFans, stating, "I made an OnlyFans account in 2021. It's helping me survive, pay my rent, pay for groceries, and it covers the cycling and the coffee bills!" She revealed that the idea to join the platform originated from a friend, highlighting the practical and financial benefits she has gained from this entrepreneurial pursuit.

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A Friend's Idea

The speed skater also disclosed that the idea originated from a friend.

"Someone suggested, 'Why don't you just have an OnlyFans account and create like a behind-the-scenes of what you do? And since you post bikini photos anyway, you can actually charge for that," Ianculescu recalled. "I was like, seriously, people pay for that. Like, I like my body. I want to post it anyway... So I said, I'll give myself one month and see how it goes. And it was crazy!"

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