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Why Meghan Markle Allegedly Told Prince Harry To Snub David Beckham At 2018 Invictus Games

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By Favour Adegoke on June 30, 2024 at 11:45 PM EDT
Updated on June 30, 2024 at 11:54 PM EDT

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, allegedly kept soccer legend David Beckham from taking pictures with her husband, Prince Harry, during the 2018 Invictus Games held in Sydney, Australia.

According to a new book by royal expert Tom Bower, Meghan made the move because she "did not want any competition in the media from" the soccer star or his wife, Victoria Beckham.

David Beckham reportedly exacted his revenge by attending an event hosted by Prince William and Kate Middleton to take the shine off a competing event attended by Prince Harry and Meghan.

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Meghan Markle Did Not 'Want Any Competition In The Media' From The Beckhams

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Excerpts from Bower's new book, "The House of Beckham: Money, Sex and Power," detail a shocking incident between the Beckhams and the Sussexes.

According to the tome, Beckham had attended Harry's 2018 Invictus Games but was stopped from taking pictures with the Duke.

"Beckham found himself alone at the Invictus Games stadium. Arriving on the agreed day to meet Prince Harry he was perplexed [as to] why officials were playing a dance to keep him happy, but away from Harry," Bower penned in the book, per the New York Post.

He added, "The royal snub was brutal. David Beckham was puzzled. Why did the prince refuse to meet him?"

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It was later revealed that the "exclusion order was issued by Meghan," who was allegedly keen on preventing any photographs of Beckham and her husband from reaching the media.

In his book, Bower claimed that Meghan did not "want any competition in the media from Beckham, and especially not from his wife Victoria," which was why she issued the order.

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David Beckham Exerted His Revenge For The Brutal Snub

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

According to Bower, Beckham never forgot about the brutal snub and decided to retaliate four years later.

In November 2022, he "flew 7,600 miles from Qatar to Boston to join the new Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate, and President Joe Biden to celebrate the launch of the royals' environmental Earthshot prize."

This was to help put more spotlight on the charitable event to take the shine away from a competing event attended by Harry and Meghan in New York.

"Inevitably the Sussexes were overshadowed by the constellation [of celebrities] in Boston," the author noted. "Beckham had got his revenge for the Sydney snub."

Bower also mentioned that the relationship between the Beckhams and the Sussexes had been strained even before the Invictus Games snub over several other issues.

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Meghan Markle Is Reportedly Frozen Out By The Beckhams

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

More recently, it was revealed that the Beckhams have completely shunned Meghan, with their once-close relationship now irreparably broken.

According to Closer, Victoria reportedly gave Meghan the "cold shoulder" when her team reached out for a dress.

The situation seemingly stemmed from recent actions of the Sussexes, which the Beckhams "disapproved" of.

An insider dished about the situation, "Meghan has been told that both Victoria and David may have disapproved of how she and Harry have behaved over the last few months and Meghan has noticed Vic pulling back, but never expected her to freeze her out like this."

They added, "She feels personally ghosted by Victoria and feels that the relationship is now broken beyond repair."

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Another Big Star  Has Seemingly Shaded The Sussexes

Harry and Meghan attend Day Two of The Invictus GamesThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex watch the Athletics on Day Two of the Invictus Games

The Beckhams might not be the only ones who have snubbed the American Riviera Orchard CEO.

Singer Taylor Swift made headlines for taking a backstage picture with Prince William and his kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, at one of her concerts.

This comes after the pop star reportedly shunned Meghan's invite for her to appear on her podcast.

According to reports, Meghan would likely be displeased by Taylor Swift "making out time" for the Prince of Wales.

"If there's one thing Meghan covets above all else is celebrity attention and the former actress probably isn't going to be happy with Taylor Swift making time for William and his children," Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi said, per theDaily Express.

Meghan Markle Was Recently Seen Filming A Secret Project

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

In a video posted online, a surprised TikTok user shared footage of her encounter with Meghan during their morning walk in Beverly Hills.

The clip's title read, "POV: You casually see Meghan Markle on your Beverly Hills city trail morning walk," accompanied by a caption stating, "Spotted near Alfred's in Beverly Hills…"

The Duchess was seemingly participating in a photoshoot, where she was attended to by a stylist near Alfred's, a popular celebrity coffee spot in Beverly Hills.

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Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot that the former actress was wearing a tracksuit from Adidas' collaboration with Beyoncé's Ivy Park label.

This has sparked rumors about a potential comeback of the singer's partnership with Adidas following their decision to end the collaboration last year.

In the video, Meghan appeared cheerful as she interacted with a stylist and crew preparing her for the shoot. Her trademark waves adorned her glossy brunette tresses, complementing her casual attire of a tracksuit paired with trainers.

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