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Ella Purnell Snacking On Fries In Bikini Says 'You Decide'

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By Evie Scott on June 29, 2024 at 7:30 PM EDT

Ella Purnell was in the mood to show off both her figure and her appetite in May 2022. Posting to Instagram, the Fallout star stunned in a racy, animal-print swimsuit, posing from a terrace lounger and giving a giant nod to being British in her caption. While fries are called "chips" by Brits, it looked like this caption was out to be inclusive — welcoming her American followers as she also honored the U.K., Ella asked fans to "decide" whether it's "chips or fries." Her followers, however, seemed more taken by her figure, though, leaving her over 79,000 likes.

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Ella Purnell Snacks On Fries In Bikini

Scroll for the photos. Going makeup-free as she showed off her gorgeous features, Ella sizzled in a leopard-print bikini as she rocked the micro swimwear trend. Kneeling on a leaf-patterned seating area as she enjoyed a shaded area and posed under a parasol, the 27-year-old kept things fun, holding a fry to her mouth and with a plateful of the potato dish in front of her. Flashing her cleavage and toned waist, plus her tattoos, the actress held her phone in one hand, making sure to deliver eye contact as she went sassy with a slight smile.

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In a swipe right, Ella returned for a more traditional smile, looking cute as pie as she showed off her gold hoop earrings and held a fry in one hand. Tagging herself in Palm Springs, CA, she wrote: "Chips or fries you decide."

While one fan replied: "Chips. Change my mind," another admitted that they weren't eyeing up the food. "Having trouble concentrating while looking at your pic....so what was the question again?" they amusingly replied.

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Bikini In Freezing Snow

Model Kendall Jenner isn't the only one rocking bikinis in the snow. Proving that two can play at this game, Ella Purnell posted these photos during her Canada travels in July 2021, stunning fans with her bikini body and braving ice-cold temperatures in swimwear. "Okay Canada," she wrote while rocking her two-piece outdoors.

Ella is also known for her starring role in drama YellowjacketsFor her, the series has spiked audience interest in complicated female characters, something she opened up about while speaking to Elle. “We shouldn’t shy away from showing women in a survivalist drama or showing women in something quite violent,” she stated. “We should tell these stories, because they do exist. Women obviously have the same emotional capacity that men do.”

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If This Doesn't Win Best Caption...

In May, Ella went glam for this head-turning shoot, posing seated and in skimpy yellow shorts paired with a blue top and heels. In a caption, she wrote: "When are we all gonna figure out what to do with our hands in photos????" Ella Purnell has a reported $3 million net worth.

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