ai'Len Josey, Mark J.P. Hood, Devin Velez, George Lovett, MaKenzie and Blakley singing

R&B Artists Join Michael Korte In New Disney Hits Medley Amid 'Madness' In The World

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on June 30, 2024 at 1:00 PM EDT
Updated on July 1, 2024 at 12:56 PM EDT

YouTubers Michael Korte & Bryson Campers are back with another thrilling viral video!

Michael Korte, known for his soul-shaking Broadway mash-ups, medleys, and more, including the viral “Hercules Muses Medley,” has just released yet another hit alongside his partner, Bryan Campers, and this time, he’s bringing nostalgia to Disney kids along with some help from other famed vocalists!

Amidst some of the struggles America is currently facing, Korte wanted to help bring joy to the world and allow kids of all ages (including those who are kids at heart) to escape, even if it’s only for eight and a half minutes.

The video features vocalists Jai'Len Josey, Mark J.P. Hood, Devin Velez, George Lovett, MaKenzie, and Blakley, and was directed by Korte, arranged by Camper, and edited by Mario Fierro.

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This latest Disney mash-up is guaranteed to bring fans back to their childhood!

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Taking A Trip Down Disney Memory Lane

Cinderella Castle at Disney World

Michael Korte spoke to The Blast about the latest video, "Underrated Disney Songs Medley," which has been years in the making and features songs from Disney movies such as “Sleeping Beauty,” “A Goofy Movie,” and more.

“Given the turmoil and madness in the world, Bryson Camper, my creative partner, and I wanted to create something that was a vessel for joy,” Korte exclusively told The Blast about making the latest mash-up. “Disney movies are at the core of so many of our joyous childhood memories, so we wanted to pay tribute to those classic Disney films from yesteryears while channeling that memorable nostalgia.”

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The music video hits fans in the feels within the first ten seconds as the iconic Disney Animated Movie intro plays in the background. It transitions gracefully into the first song, “Once Upon A Dream,” from Disney’s Animated Classic, Sleeping Beauty. This rendition of the iconic Disney Princess hit is performed by MaKenzie, who gives an elegant performance with her Broadway-style vocals.

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Why ‘Underrated’ Disney Throwbacks?

MaKenzie performing a Disney hit
Michael Korte & Matt Hill

When choosing which songs to include in the new mash-up, Michael Korte told The Blast that the idea of “the 'underdogs' or lesser known songs from these Classics catalogs was very enticing when deciding on what songs to choose for their latest collab.”

“We worked on this project for over six months,” he told The Blast. “The most thrilling part is the six singers involved—they are all celebrated individual artists making a name for themselves in the music industry.”

He added, “The fact that they all agreed to come together for this project, for this purpose, is unprecedented.”

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Throwing It Back To The 90s

Jai'Len Josey performing a Disney song
Michael Korte & Matt Hill

Jai'Len Josey and her stunning vocals were up next in the mash-up. She sang her version of Anastasia's “Journey To The Past."

While “Anastasia” is not technically a Disney movie, and she was not supposed to be a Disney Princess, the company still owns the movie after acquiring 20th Century Fox, and so many still consider her to be part of the Disney Princess squad.

Following Josey’s powerful performance, George Lovett then sang his take on “Out There” from Disney’s “The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.”

What Other Disney Songs Are Covered?

Jayden Gray smiling
Shane Adams & Ajanee Hambrick

We know 98 Degrees and Stevie Wonder will be proud after they hear Blakley and Devin Velez come together to sing their version of “True To Your Heart” from Disney’s “Mulan.”`

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a true Disney tribute without a nod to “A Goofy Movie.” The five artists joined forces with Mark J.P. Hood and went out with a bang(er) to perform an epic version of “I2I.”

When speaking to The Blast, Blakley, whose real name is Jaden Gray, explained how much this project means to the artists and fans worldwide.

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"Michael and Bryson are very intentional with all that they do, so choosing the right people to fit each role, weighing the option of each song and its impact, the outfits, and the theme all played a part!" he told The Blast exclusively. "When you think about each of those elements, you realize how much time it requires! Patience, planning, and simply being prepared are key when you want it to be performed at its highest level of excellence!"

'History In The Making'

Jayden Gray performing
Shane Adams & Ajanee Hambrick

Michael approached Blakley, who has toured with H.E.R, Coldplay and now Justin Timberlake, to be part of the project. However, with his busy schedule, the timing was a challenge, but "Michael was gracious enough and saw so much in me that he was willing to work with me so I could be a part of this 'HISTORIC MOMENT!'" he told The Blast. "We both agreed on a day in between my tour breaks and wow… history is literally being made as we speak!"

One of the "most electrifying" moments that truly meant the world to Blakley is "when you aren’t shooting your own part" because "you are watching the other cast mates film their parts!"

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"It’s so beautiful to have so many talented human beings in the same room shining and doing what they love, all while cheering everyone on," he explained. "To be amongst so many insanely skilled artists is an honor! I’ve learned from each of them in many different ways and to be considered to work with all of them blows my mind. I’m so grateful and what I love most is how our love for each other is so genuine!

Watch The Nostalgic Disney Mash-Up

Blakley added that "working with Michael and Bryson is truly a gift! They love what they do and exude pure joy and excitement, making everyone who’s a part of this MOMENT love it even more! They are so organized, detailed, and caring throughout the whole process; it’s refreshing to see!"

"The fact that Michael has these visions/ideas and brings them to life is impeccable! Bryson is simply a GENIUS! From arranging to transitions to playing the music -- Them together is a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH! I’m grateful to have been able to experience them in their element in real life!" he added.

"Mark my words; history is being made! This video will heal the world! This video, this moment, will be a moment that is never forgotten!" Blakley concluded.

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