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Kelly Ripa's Daughter Stuns In Skimpy Sundress On A Lawn

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By Evie Scott on June 29, 2024 at 12:30 PM EDT

Kelly Ripa might turn heads for her style, but it's the same deal now that daughter Lola Consuelos is all grown up. Lola, now 22, was 19 years old when her mother posted a holiday card to Instagram in 2020, one showing off her family and with everyone enjoying a lawn. Kelly, who shares her three children with husband Mark Consuelos, included sons Michael and Joaquin in her post, one kissing 2020 goodbye. Fans, who left the Live! host over 200,000 likes, also grabbed every photo they could from the shoot, with one now live on an Instagram fan account.

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Lola Consuelos Stuns In Summery Sundress

Scroll for all the photos. Sending out summer vibes despite it being December, Lola showed off her curvy figure in a cute, embroidered white sundress with a two-piece feel. Rocking puff sleeves and a small stomach cut-out, the "Divine Timing" singer smiled while gazing downward, sandwiching her two brothers and with all three standing in front of a pouring beam of sunlight.

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Meanwhile, the fan feed dedicated to the Ripa-Consuelos clan shared this shot. With all three siblings sitting on the lawn, fans got another view of Lola's leggy white dress, plus more of the family vibes that fans of the former All My Children stars adore. In her initial IG post, 53-year-old Kelly had written: "Behold the card. We wish you health, happiness and a break from 2020. Back of the card says it all." A "SEE YA 2020" was on the back as Kelly eyed up 2021.

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Stunning In Graduation Minidress

In May 2023, Lola Consuelos made headlines as mom Kelly Ripa shared photos from her graduation. The NYU alum posed with her entire family, but solo snaps also circulated as she showed off a stylish white minidress while enjoying her milestone.

Lola hadn't yet graduated when she broke into music in 2022, releasing her debut "Paranoia Silverlining" single. "They loved it," she revealed. "My parents are the last people to sugarcoat anything when it comes to my singing. They are going to tell me if it sounds bad! So when I saw they had a good reaction and liked it, I felt reassured. My parents, oddly, even though they're in the business, the one thing they have actually no idea about is music," Lola continued.

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Hitting The Pool In Swimsuit

Promo for "Paranoia Silverlining" brought plenty of pool and beach action as Lola showed off her figure in swimwear, but fans aren't just eyeing up her looks. Lola has been sharing her stunning vocals on social media for years, and with her powerful parents, landing a record deal was likely a breeze. Lola Consuelos' net worth is unknown, but mom Kelly Ripa is worth $120 million.

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