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TooTurntTony Gets Banned From Airbnb For A SECOND Time!

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on June 28, 2024 at 2:45 PM EDT

TooTurntTony, the viral TikToker known for his shenanigans and hanging out with his duck, Baby Girl, is at it again.

The social media user, whose real name is Anthony Dawson, is one of the biggest content creators to date. Not only does he boast a following of over 20.3 million, but he also earned a spot among Forbes's top 50 creators in 2023.

He began his career as a duck rancher, making videos with ducks to increase awareness of wetland conservation. However, he has since expanded his video topics to performing stunts and living his best life—despite getting banned from Airbnb (again).

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Getting Banned From Airbnb

While out for drinks, Tony and his friends bumped into a fan, where they exchanged a photo for Bonita, which is "complete crack bait for sharks," per Tony.

Once back in their Airbnb, they loaded up the rod and set up camp, with the rod secured in the living room. They used the second floor and balcony as leverage.

The group went to bed, but around 4 a.m., they caught something, and everyone jumped up and ran over to the rod, yelling, "Wake up, there's a f-cking fire!" (There was no fire.)

It took three people to reel that bad boy in, and once they got a hold of it, they found out it was a 7-foot lemon shark. "A beautiful catch calls for a beautiful release."

However, their beautiful night turned into a disaster as they were banned from Airbnb (this is Tony's second time.)

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Social Media Reacts To Tony's Airbnb Ban

Tony admits it was "worth the ban," and his 20.3 million followers seemed to agree. "Dude living the best life," one of his fans said. "This gotta be worth it though," another said.

"You're deada-- the coolest influencer," a third chimed in.

"I'm lost for words, this is pure gold!" a fourth user wrote.

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TooTurntTony Dubbed The 'Best' TikToker

Fans of TooTurntTony's continued to bombard the comments section of his latest video, claiming the influencer has "the best entertainment in all of TikTok."

"Love that energy," they added.

"That’s the kind of fun I want to have," another expressed.

"You are a man of genius lol," one of his millions of followers added.

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TooTurntTony Is Hosting His Own Shark Week

Being the huge wildlife advocate that he is, TooTurntTony recently took to social media to share that he has been traveling all over Florida with a team of experts to learn more about sharks, dubbing it as his very own Shark Week.

"For the last couple months, I have been traveling all over Florida documenting sharks with a team of experts as well as shark fishermen in an effort to learn more about these fascinating beasts while performing stunts that have never been attempted nor should be," he said in an Instagram caption. "Several shark and ocean wildlife videos will be posted throughout the monthly of June and July."

"All proceeds from the TooTurnt Shark Week project will be donated to the ocean cleanup," he added.

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Fans Gush Over Tony

After hearing his latest shark project, fans immediately shared their love and respect for the content creator.

"You are just amazing for that! You are just pro-active," one of his fans said. "Just keep doing you! Your content is actually amazing and so funny!"

Another loved that he took the initiative. "Love this! Not just because you’re amazing and entertaining to watch, but because all proceeds go to ocean cleanup. Protect this man at all costs!!!"

Besides his work in wildlife advocacy, TooTurntTony has partnered with Boston-based NOCA Beverages to launch an alcoholic iced tea named "Too Turnt Tea."

Make sure to follow TooTurntTony for his latest animal stories and stunts!

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