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Jill Biden Blasted For Treating Joe Biden Like A 'Toddler' After His Presidential Debate Fiasco

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By Favour Adegoke on June 28, 2024 at 2:15 PM EDT

Jill Biden has come under fire for seemingly babying her husband, President Joe Biden, during his recent face-off with Donald Trump.

The current First Lady was seen leading her husband to the stage at a support event in Atlanta and later heaped praise on him for "answering all the questions" he was asked at the presidential debate.

Many who felt that POTUS put on a dismal performance at the debate were furious with the gesture from Jill Biden, slamming her for addressing Joe Biden in a childlike way.

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Jill Biden Brutally Roasted For Addressing Joe Biden Like A 'Toddler' After Debate Fiasco

United States President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden walk on the South Lawn of the White House after arriving on Marine One in Washington, D.C

The recent presidential debate between Biden and Trump was like a train wreck for many viewers, as they witnessed the current president struggle with his words during a disappointing performance on CNN last night.

Hours after the event, the shock continued as viewers watched Biden's wife, Jill, appear to address her husband as if he were a toddler during their appearance at a "Let's Go Joe" debate watch party in Atlanta.

Facing Biden directly amid the large cheers from their supporters, Jill remarked, "You did such a great job answering every question. You knew all the facts."

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On social media, concerned viewers slammed the exchange, seemingly due to recent speculations about Biden's mental acuity.

One X user said, "Why is everyone okay with our president being talked to like a 3 year old that just went potty all by himself? This is criminal."

A second person took a direct shot at Jill, saying, "Wow ..... It's like Jill Biden was praising a toddler to get cheers for reinforcement so they feel better. This man should not have a title of president."

A third person noted, "She talks to him as though he is a child, 'you answered every question, you knew all the answers.' This is POTUS?"

One more person wrote, "Joe was such a good boy, he'll get two scoops of ice cream tonight."

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Experts Say Jill Biden Is Crucial To 2nd Term Bid And Want To Fight For First Lady Role

First lady Dr. Jill Biden speaks prior to United States President Joe Biden making remarks at an Independence Day celebration for military families

The criticism of Jill comes in the wake of recent speculation from experts claiming that she is not willing to give up the office of the first lady without a fight, amid mounting pressure to force Biden to abort his second-term bid.

"She is a close counsel of Joe Biden and his ardent supporter, both personally and politically. She was reputedly crucial to Biden's decision to run again, and she will undoubtedly be crucial in the coming days as pressure mounts on Biden to withdraw," University of Nottingham lecturer Christopher Phelps told the Daily Mail.

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He added, "The fact that Joe Biden won the presidency in the first place, and now has clocked millions and millions of primary votes, means that there will be a natural resistance in the family to any idea that Biden should quit now, just because of one poor debate performance."

Donald Trump's War Room Made Fun Of The President's Debate Fiasco

United States President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden walk on the South Lawn of the White House after arriving on Marine One in Washington, D.C

The dismal performance at the debate has also led to disparaging remarks from Trump, who compiled a video of him stuttering and mumbling his words.

They captioned the clip on X, "Needless to say, the drugs didn't work," seemingly hinting that Biden might have taken some medications to help with her performance prior to the debate.

It was also a throwback to Trump's Monday remarks on social media, asking for Biden to take a drug test ahead of their face-off, per ABC News.

The former president wrote on his Truth Social, "DRUG TEST FOR CROOKED JOE BIDEN??? I WOULD, ALSO, IMMEDIATELY AGREE TO ONE!!!"

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As early as April, Trump began a series of calls outs of Biden urging him to get tested, saying that was the condition for him to agree to face off with him. However, days before the debate, the Biden campaign outrightly stated that the president wouldn't undergo a drug test and that Trump was scared of being held "accountable."

Border Patrol Union Say They' Never Have And Never Will' Endorse Joe Biden

Secret Service Acts On Potential Threat To Joe Biden Following Car Crash

Part of the fallout from Biden's disastrous debate performance came in the form of the US Customs and Border Protection union denying that it had endorsed the president.

According to reports, Biden claimed in his speech that the members of the labor union had backed him for the upcoming presidential election.

"We significantly increased the number of asylum offices, significantly … by the way, the Border Patrol endorsed me, endorsed my position," the 81-year-old said while discussing immigration.

However, the 18,000-strong union retorted on X, "To be clear, we never have and never will endorse Biden."

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The President's Debate Performance Slammed As 'The Worst In History'

Joe Biden Announces He Is Getting A 'Physical' Amid Mental Health Concerns

Democratic donors have reportedly described Biden's performance in his standoff with Trump as "the worst performance in history."

The president appeared to lose his train of thought for some seconds and mumbled words incoherently as he spoke.

His voice was notably shaky all through, and he was seen clasping his hands with Jill's as she slowly walked him off-stage when things wrapped up.

A senior Democratic strategist told the New York Times, "Biden is about to face a crescendo of calls to step aside. Parties exist to win—this man on the stage with Trump cannot win."

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