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Katharine McPhee's Husband David Foster Faces Backlash For Calling Her 'Fat' In Unearthed Clip

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By Favour Adegoke on June 28, 2024 at 9:15 AM EDT

David Foster is currently under fire after a video resurfaced of him calling his wife, Katharine McPhee, "fat" during a concert.

Despite a few suggesting he was joking, people have condemned his remark, noting McPhee's past struggles with eating disorders, which resurfaced during her pregnancy.

Katharine McPhee, who initially hesitated to pursue a relationship with David Foster due to their 35-year age gap, has emphasized their genuine connection and the importance of their love despite criticism.

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David Foster Under Fire For Resurfaced Video Calling Wife Katharine McPhee 'Fat'

Katharine McPhee and David Foster

Foster is facing backlash from fans of his wife after a video of him calling her "fat" went viral on social media.

The controversial clip comes from a concert performance where McPhee shared the story of meeting her future husband during her time on the fifth season of "American Idol" in 2006.

In the video, McPhee, the season's runner-up at the time, humorously described herself as "a little chubby" back then.

However, Foster took it further by looking at a projected photo of her from American Idol and casually remarking, "Oh, yeah, you were fat," which elicited laughter from the audience. McPhee responded, "I was a little chubby, OK? Just young."

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The resurfaced video gained much more traction on TikTok, and many commenters overwhelmingly disapproved of Foster's comment. One person expressed, "This made my heart hurt. This beautiful girl was NEVER fat. You don't call your wife fat. As a joke or serious."

Another user, equally shocked, added, "Omg I cannot believe he said that????"

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Fans Slam David Foster For His Insensitive Comment About Wife Katharine McPhee

The consensus on TikTok was clear in its strong condemnation of Foster's remark. Although a few users suggested the songwriter was only joking, the majority were not swayed.

One person commented, "Those comments are so hurtful. Hearing from anyone, let alone your partner. No one should comment on anyone's body, joking or not."

Another added, "David Foster is superficial, into significantly younger women. He looks like a grandfather. Creeps me out."

Many speculated that his private remarks might be worse if the 74-year-old could insult his wife publicly.

"If he can say that in front of a crowd, imagine the insensitive comments in private. Yolanda's comments make a bit of sense now," one person noted, referencing Foster's ex-wife Yolanda Hadid.

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Another echoed, "That was awful. If he can say that on stage, what does he say at home?"

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Katharine McPhee's History With Eating Disorders Gets Brought Up

Katharine McPhee

Several users pointed out McPhee's history with eating disorders to explain why they found her husband's comment so hurtful.

According to the Daily Mail, in 2006, shortly after her run on "American Idol," the actress disclosed her past struggle with bulimia and sought treatment after securing her spot on the show.

However, despite her initial victory, McPhee's battle with eating disorders resurfaced during her pregnancy with her and Foster's first child, Rennie David, now three years old.

On Dr. Berlin's "Informed Pregnancy Podcast," the 40-year-old shared her concerns that the intense hunger and cravings she experienced during pregnancy might trigger the same binge-eating urges she had during her worst bulimia episodes.

She shared that she resumed seeing the psychiatrist who helped her during her American Idol days, who confirmed that pregnancy could often prompt a relapse in women with a history of bulimia.

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Katharine McPhee Reflects On Overcoming Public Judgment in Her Relationship with David Foster

Katharine McPhee and David Foster

McPhee previously expressed reservations about her and Foster's 35-year age difference.

She revealed that she met the music mogul when he mentored her on "American Idol," leading to a friendship that eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship.

McPhee added that she was initially hesitant to pursue a serious relationship because she was concerned about "what other people would think."

Speaking on Dr. Berlin's "Informed Pregnancy" podcast, McPhee explained, "It didn't just happen overnight. We had a real journey, and I had a real process."

Katharine Mcphee Says She's In 'Love With Their Love Story'

Katharine McPhee and David Foster

During her chat with Dr. Berlin, McPhee noted, "It took me a while to kind of come around to really want to have a real, serious relationship because I was very concerned with what people would think."

She acknowledged understanding the initial judgment about their relationship but emphasized that only their feelings matter.

"We all have the ability to label things and to look at something for the way that it looks or face value and make a judgment," McPhee added, per the Daily Mail. "So I totally get the judgment initially, but things are never as they appear, things are never exactly as they appear and I'm in love with our love story and that's all that matters."

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