Julianne Hough poses for the camera.

Julianne Hough Ditches Her Pants For A Bedroom Selfie

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By Alisan Duran on June 28, 2024 at 8:00 AM EDT

Julianne Hough, known for her dance prowess and style evolution, recently captivated fans on Instagram with a daring new photo. The "Dancing with the Stars" alum shared a snapshot on her Instagram Stories, showcasing her effortless charm.

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Julianne Hough Takes A Selfie After Getting Out Of Bed

Julianne Hough, fresh out of bed, snaps a selfie.
Instagram Stories | Julianne Hough

In the photo, Hough stands in front of her bedroom mirror, exuding casual yet confident vibes. She sports a crisp white shirt with long sleeves, paired with matching panties, opting for a relaxed yet chic ensemble.

Her furry companion, a dog eagerly poised on the bed, adds a touch of cozy companionship to the scene.

Known for her adventurous spirit and fashion-forward choices, Hough's latest selfie captures a moment of personal style and comfort. Her choice to ditch pants in favor of a minimalist yet stylish look reflects her laid-back approach to everyday fashion.

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Ready For The Day

Julianne Hough takes a selfie to show off her outfit.
Instagram Stories | Julianne Hough

An hour later, Hough treated her followers to another glimpse of her impeccable style with a new picture showcasing her outfit of the day.

In this snapshot, the 35-year-old "Safe Haven" star confidently flaunted a fashion-forward ensemble, including a trendy white crop top paired elegantly with a sleeveless gray blazer and matching pants. The choice of attire highlighted her knack for blending sophistication with a touch of casual flair.

Completing her look, Hough accessorized with chic white sandals and carried a coordinating bag, adding a polished finish to her ensemble. Her outfit not only emphasized her fashion sensibilities but also reflected her ability to effortlessly transition from a relaxed bedroom selfie to a more structured, yet equally stylish, daytime look.

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Ditching Her Bikini Top

Earlier this month, Hough grabbed attention by posting a video from her enjoyable vacation on a yacht, confidently posing for the camera sans bikini top.

The clip highlighted her toned physique as she knelt on the luxurious vessel, sporting only snakeskin print bikini bottoms. Her carefree demeanor and confident aura perfectly embodied the spirit of a sun-drenched summer escapade.

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'Mermaid Dreams'

Hough playfully smiled over her shoulder at the camera, her back turned to it, in one clip from the Reel.

In additional clips, the professional dancer could be seen diving into the clear water and swimming alongside a school of small fish. She also took a turn at steering the ship and watched as a mystery man fed nearby birds.

"Mermaid dreams," she captioned the post, along with an emoji.

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Compliments Flood In

Fans and followers showered Hough with praise, for her stunning appearance in the two-piece swimsuit, with many admiring her toned physique and radiant smile.

"So gorgeous! This is a dream," wrote one fan, capturing the sentiments of many, who were enchanted by Hough's serene and picturesque vacation.

Another fan gushed, "What a joyful positive energy you give off!!" highlighting the infectious happiness and vibrant spirit Hough exudes in her posts.

A third commenter was more emphatic, noting, "Jules is a fr------ goddess," underscoring the admiration for her stunning appearance and captivating presence.

Finally, a fourth user declared, "A real-life mermaid," perfectly encapsulating the enchanting and magical vibe Hough portrayed during her sun-soaked yachting adventure.

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