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Kim Kardashian Braless In Mesh Dress Told Photos 'Not Very Flattering'

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By Evie Scott on June 27, 2024 at 9:00 PM EDT

Kim Kardashian is back in the news for another take on Marilyn Monroe style. The 43-year-old made 2022 headlines for squeezing her curves into a dress once worn by the Hollywood icon as she attended that year's Met Gala, and it looks like she's back for more. Channeling major Marilyn vibes in her Thursday Instagram share, Kim braved a sheer, chain mail dress as she flaunted her bombshell figure, although not everyone was a fan. While Kim's IG fans left her over 500,000 likes, those seeing the images on The Daily Mail wondered if the images were "flattering."

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Kim Kardashian Stuns In Marilyn Monroe Look

Scroll for the photos. Ushering in her 2024 Marilyn era in swimwear mode as she rocked a leopard-print bikini, Kim returned for a more covered-up look, although her braless finish left little to the imagination.

Posing in black-and-white snaps as she highlighted her 24-inch waist, Kim modeled a skintight, sleeveless maxi dress made entirely of mesh-effect chain mail. Opting for the fabric adored by actress Megan Fox, the SKIMS founder struck poses as she showed off her curves, flashing a fair amount of chest before accentuating her famous backside.

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Posing from a raised wooden block and modeling the bleached eyebrow trend, Kim braved a braless finish, also turning around for a rear view that showed her undies to be thong ones. Confidently flashing her famous backside, the TV star went layered with her bleach-blonde locks, wearing them shoulder-length and with plenty of defining makeup accentuating her features. In a caption, she thanked photographer Michael Bailey Gates, plus her creative director and stylist.

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Told Photos 'Not Very Flattering'

Kim Kardashian had kicked off her Instagram gallery in a minidress, going sparkly in a segmented, tassel-effect number paired with cute kitten heels. Fans seeing the photos had plenty of thoughts. Over 800 users agreed with a comment likening Kim to Chromatica singer Lady Gaga, known for her love of the bleached eyebrow look. "Thought it was Lady Gaga at first! These aren’t very flattering photos of Kim’s face," the user said.

"She doesn't resemble Marilyn. She doesn't even resemble herself in these photos!" another exclaimed.

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Late-Night SKIMS Turns Heads

Just four days ago, Kim made headlines for this late-night shoot, one showing her by a vehicle and looking more "traditional Kim K." Modeling a skintight, tube minidress from her 2019-founded SKIMS brand, the mogul showed off her killer waistline and fierce curves, wearing perspex heels, plus waist-length blonde hair.

Kim Kardashian, who boasts a $1.7 billion net worth, received over 1 million likes for the photos.

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