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LeBron And Bronny James Make NBA History!

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By Melanie VanDerveer on June 27, 2024 at 6:21 PM EDT
Updated on June 27, 2024 at 6:59 PM EDT

With all eyes on Bronny James during the 2024 NBA Draft, the time has finally come to see if history will be made with the first-ever father-son duo playing in the league simultaneously.

"With the 55th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers select...Bronny James!"

NBA history has been made!

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Bronny James Getting Drafted Means NBA History Has Been Made!

Lakers star LeBron James has been waiting for this day for a long time. And now that it's here, history has been made and it's only the beginning.

LeBron's oldest son is now in the league and the two will be the first father-son duo to play in the NBA at the same time.

While there have been quite a few instances of sons joining the league after their fathers played, this would be the first time a father-son duo played in the league at the same time.

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Bronny James Was Not Drafted In The First Round

Bronny James

Bronny, 19, didn’t hear his name called out on Wednesday night during the 2024 NBA Draft, but that wasn’t too shocking for most. The former USC player has been projected to be a second-round pick for a while and that’s exactly what happened. 

Bronny’s first year in college was eventful. After suffering a cardiac arrest during a summer workout before the season began, he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and had a procedure to fix it.

Because of his health struggle, he was only able to play in 25 games, missing the beginning of the season. He averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game.

Last month, doctors cleared the teen for NBA play.  

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Rapper Lil Durk Wants LeBron And Bronny To Play For The Chicago Bulls

Lil Durk

Leading up to the draft, rapper Lil Durk shared his thoughts about LeBron and Bronny playing together on social media. The rapper, 31, sent LeBron a direct message saying, “You and Bronny come to Chicago Bulls s–t I’ll pay you if I got to,” according to Billboard

He then shared a message on his Instagram Stories that read, “IDC if I got to go half @ChicagoBulls it’s time lol.” 

Despite the interesting plea, most talk about where Bronny could land led to the Lakers or the Phoenix Suns.

During the first round of the NBA Draft on Wednesday night, the Bulls selected Matas Buzelis after his one season with the Ignite.

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LeBron James Is A Proud Dad!

The Lakers star recently took to Instagram to share how proud he is of his sons Bronny and Bryce, 17.

“Not a feeling in the fkn world better than being around raising my boys to MEN! Pops over here getting emotional as hell just thinking about y'all journey so far!” LeBron captioned a photo of him with his boys shooting hoops.

“Thank you both for allowing me to be your DAD and be a part of your compass through life’s trials and tribulations!”

Many fans dropped into the comment section to share positive thoughts.

“Legacy. Pass it down and pay it forward. Big day for the James family. Cheers,” one fan wrote. Another added, “Legendary moment in time right here.”

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Bronny James Suffered A Cardiac Arrest Last Summer

Last summer during college basketball practice, Bronny suffered a cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital. It was later determined that he needed surgery to fix a congenital heart defect.

It didn't take long after surgery for Bronny to begin working out with his team at USC. He was cleared for a full return to the game in late November, and in early December, Bronny joined his team on the court for his first college game.

His first Trojans' game, against Long Beach State, sold out quickly, with tickets ranging in price from $40 to $56,000.

In April, once his first college season was done, Bronny announced his intent to join the NBA Draft.

“I’ve had a year with some ups and downs but all added growth for me as a man, student, and athlete. I’ve made the decision to enter the NBA Draft while maintaining my college eligibility, and will also be entering the NCAA transfer portal," he shared on Instagram.

While many shared their thoughts that he's not ready for the league just yet, many others shared their support.

"Congrats Bronny‼️ Go for it all, and give it your best!" one person wrote. Another said, "In the league with pops is the biggest NBA flex ever."

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