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Kevin Costner Stops Gayle King From Questioning Him About 'Yellowstone' Drama: 'This Isn't Therapy'

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By Favour Adegoke on June 27, 2024 at 6:45 PM EDT

Days after Kevin Costner revealed that he'll not be reprising his role in the "Yellowstone" season finale, television host Gayle King sat down with him to see if she could get all the answers that fans have been longing for.

In the interview, King probed Costner about his controversial departure from the hit TV series as she quizzed him about the alleged strife between him and show creator Taylor Sheridan.

Gayle King and Kevin Costner's conversation spiraled into a back-and-forth before the actor shut her down, noting that the interview "isn't therapy."

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Gayle King Relentlessly Probed Kevin Costner On The 'Yellowstone' Drama

Kevin Costner at the Golden Globe Awards

Costner appeared in a new interview on CBS Mornings to discuss his latest project, "Horizon: An American Saga."

At some point, the show's host, Gayle King, veered into the recent news that he would not reprise his role on "Yellowstone" for its season 5 part II, which returns November 10.

King asked to know what the real issue was between Costner and Sheridan, suggesting that they were "playing a game of 'Whose [ego] is bigger?'"

"[People] say because of Horizon, it caused problems for you on 'Yellowstone.' People say this about the two of you: both big egos, both very powerful, both at the top of their game and that right now, maybe the two of you are playing a game of whose is bigger? Do you see it that way? Whose is bigger, Kevin?"

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The 69-year-old actor replied, telling her he "loved the show" and that "before anybody, it was Taylor and myself."

"The truth never changes – that love was really strong. The idea of going back – I would do that in a second if I felt that it was... If it was something that I could do, wanted to do, I would make it fit," he added.

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The Actor Shut Down Gayle King's Questions About His Alleged 'Yellowstone' Feud

Seemingly unsatisfied with Costner's reply, the veteran journalist quizzed him further to find out why he and Sheridan haven't been "able to work it out," bringing up the allegations that he wanted to do things his way and demanded more money.

"But the characterization of you isn't necessarily flattering," she said. "You made demands; you want to have a certain schedule, you want to shoot at a certain time, you want certain money. If it's not that hard, why can't the two of you be able to work it out? People would love to see that."

Costner remained adamant in his lip-sealed approach and was quick to shut down Gayle, telling her, "This isn't therapy, Gayle; I mean, we're not gonna discuss this on the show."

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Gayle then interjected as Costner talked over her, telling the actor she's "a good therapist."

"I've conducted my life in a pretty straightforward way," he retorted. "I've never missed any obligations in my entire career, so the idea is wide open for me. It just happens to be like can I fall in love with the writing, can I fall in love with the part that wants to go forward?"

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Kevin Costner Confirmed He Will Not Be Coming Back To 'Yellowstone'

Hollywood star Kevin Costner at the Blythswood Hotel, Glasgow, and almost hit by a bus while out in Glasgow. 21.08.2023.

Last week, the "Open Range" actor took to his Instagram account to disclose that he'll not be reprising his John Dutton character on the hit Paramount Network series.

"An update for you guys. I'll see you at the movies," he captioned the video post.

"I want to reach out and let you know that after this long year and a half of working on Horizon and doing all the things that's required, and thinking about Yellowstone, that beloved series that I love, that I know you love, I just realized that I'm not going to be able to continue Season 5B or into the future," he said.

Costner went on, "It was something that really changed me. I loved it. And I know you loved it. And I just wanted to let you know that I won't be returning and I love the relationship we've been able to develop and I'll see you at the movies."

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The Actor Was 'Disappointed' With His 'Yellowstone' Costars

Kevin Costner attends "Horizon: An American Saga" Photocall - The 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Before his exit from the show, rumors surfaced suggesting that he'd fallen out with Sheridan and had experienced a clash in filming schedules while working on his project, as well as allegations that he wanted a say in how his character would end.

However, In a recent interview with People magazine, Costner noted that he was disappointed with his former costars, as none of them stood up for him to address the rumors.

"I read all the stories," he said. "I was disappointed that nobody on their side… ever stepped up to defend what it was I actually did for them. There came a moment where I thought, 'Wow, when is somebody going to say something about what I have done versus what I haven't done?'"

Costner then insisted on his love for the show, stating that he has had to make sacrifices to accommodate filming schedules, as the series was first pitched to him as a lengthy one-season show, but after the network wanted it to go on, he "stepped up."

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Kevin Costner Addresses Divorce From Christine Baumgartner

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner

During his appearance on CBS Mornings, Costner also opened up about his divorce from his former wife, Christine Baumgartner, with whom he shares three kids.

As reported by The Blast, Costner admitted that the loss of his marriage took an emotional toll on him.

He described the divorce as "a crushing moment," adding, "It's powerful and it hurt." Although the actor didn't specify how long he mourned, he did reveal that the key to moving on was his need to be there for his children, knowing that they are "looking at" him.

"I have to go forward; I have to continue to be who I am and keep a special eye on who they are," the 69-year-old added.

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