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Ryan Anderson Roasts Ken Urker In New Video: 'I Actually Have My Hair'

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on June 27, 2024 at 2:00 PM EDT

The battle between Gypsy Rose Blanchard's estranged husband, Ryan Anderson, and her new boyfriend, Ken Urker, continues to heat up.

As The Blast previously reported, the ex-convict announced her separation from Ryan just three months after she was released on parole. Gypsy was serving her ten-year sentence after pleading guilty to the second-degree murder of her mother, Clauddine 'Dee Dee' Blanchard.

Her story was told in the 2017 documentary, "Mommy Dead & Dearest," which revealed the abuse Gypsy endured at the hands of her mother. Both Ken and Ryan reached out to Gypsy after seeing the docuseries. She first got engaged to Ken, but he later broke it off.

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She later married Ryan, but the two have since ended their marriage, and Gypsy got back together with Ken. As their story continues to unfold in the docuseries "Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up," fans say they can see why she left Ryan as his jealousy toward Ken has been exposed.

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Ryan Anderson Takes Aim At Ken Urker

Ryan Anderson taking a selfie
Instagram | Ryan Anderson

In a new live TikTok video, Ryan Anderson answered various questions from fans, ranging from his relationship with Gypsy to his behavior, which is shown in the Lifetime docuseries. One user seemingly asked about Ken Urker's looks as Ryan said, "Yeah, of course, I'm better looking than Ken."

"I actually have my hair," he later said. "Oh, I shouldn't have said that. Sorry, Ken."

The response drew a mixed reaction from viewers. Some found the comment funny. Others, however, continued to call Ryan "creepy."

"I don’t like Gypsy, but he’s weird too," one TikToker said.

"Wow, just wow," another commented.

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Social Media Reacts To Ryan Anderson's Live

The video was captured and re-shared by another TikToker user, which has gained nearly 1,000 comments.

"'..oh I shouldn't have said dat..sorry Ken' HAS ME CRYING," one user expressed as another wrote, "Am I wrong for thinking he is low key my spirit animal in this moment?"

"HE ACTUALLY HAS HIS HAIR," another wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

Of course, some think this is a low-blow, but Ken has yet to speak out about Ryan and the backlash he has received.

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Who Is Ken Urker?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ken Urker pose for the camera
Instagram | Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Many Gypsy Rose Blanchard fans know Ryan Anderson as he was married to the ex-convict when she was released on parole. But after separating earlier this year, she rekindled her romance with Ken Urker, whom she was once engaged to.

Ken and Gypsy met after he wrote her a letter of support after watching the HBO documentary 'Mommy Dead and Dearest' back in 2017. "I wrote him back and pretty soon we just started writing on a weekly basis," she told E! News in 2019. "We became fast friends. It was pretty soon after that that we started talking on the phone. We would spend hours on the phone. I talked to him like I had known him my whole life and vice versa."

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"It wasn't too late after that that I sent him a visitation form to come and visit me," Gypsy recalled. "He came, and it was kind of a funny story, but within the first thirty minutes, he leaned over and gave me the most wonderful kiss of my whole life."

"So it's a prison visitation room, so the level of physical contact that is allowed is limited to holding hands and a brief hug and a closed-mouth kiss," the 32-year-old explained. "The kiss he gave me was quite passionate. I looked at him and was like, 'I didn't even know you liked me like that', and he said ‘Yeah, I have for a while'. And I'm like, ‘I have for a while too.'"

Expressing Their Love For Each Other

Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ken Urker take a selfie
Instagram | Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Eventually, the two got engaged. "It was during a visit back in October; this was something we had discussed for a while, so it wasn't out of the blue," she told the outlet. "We bounced around the idea, we have a pretty solid thing going and we're pretty sure this is what we want."

"So, on the October visit he held my hands close and told me how much I meant to him and he's like, 'I would really, really be honored if I could have your hand in marriage,' and I said yes," she added.

Ken called it off not long after, but the two have since reunited and are now dating once again.

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