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TooTurntTony's Near-Death Experience Goes Viral On TikTok

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on June 26, 2024 at 3:49 PM EDT

TooTurntTony, whose real name is Anthony Dawson, is one of the biggest content creators to date. Not only has he gained over 20.3 million followers, but he also made Forbes's top 50 creators in 2023.

The famous TikToker, whose nickname is "Duck Daddy" for his wildlife conservation efforts, has been posting videos for years, often showcasing his adventures in rescuing animals and caring for his pet duck, Baby Girl.

In August 2023, however, the 29-year-old shared a different type of video with his followers -- one in which he revealed that he almost died after eating some cheese.

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Tony's Near-Death Experience

Last summer, Tony shared that he had a close call after sharing some cheese with his pet rat.

"So, last night I almost died," the content creator said as a video clip of himself and paramedics played on the screen. "So every night, my pet rat and I try a different type of cheese together."

"We've tried quite a variety so far; sometimes I'll even go gourmet," he added as a video clip of him carrying a plate of mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and basil drizzled with balsamic vinegar over to the rat's cage.

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Always Read The Ingredients

But things took a turn when TooTurntTony picked out a mozzarella cheese made with organic cashew milk -- the issue? He's deathly allergic to cashews...

"I didn't read the cheese which contained cashews, which I am deathly allergic to," he revealed. "It wasn't long before my throat closed up."

His mom ended up calling 911, and paramedics arrived at the house. They took his blood pressure and administered an EpiPen, and all was okay with the world!

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See TooTurntTony's Video

After watching the viral clip, fans flooded the comments section with over 6,800 contributions from his followers.

"He’s in his prime," one of his followers wrote.

"I love this family so bad," another commented.

"Damn!!! Glad you’re ok!!!" a third expressed.

Others, however, couldn't help but notice Tony's dad in the clip, recording the entire situation -- in his boxers!

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Fans Get A Kick Out Of Tony's Dad

Tony's mom is screaming at her son for "being so stupid" and not reading the ingredients in the cheese, and his dad casually captured it on camera.

However, it seems he was not paying attention to what was in the frame because he accidentally caught himself in the mirror while wearing nothing but boxer briefs.

"The dad in the mirror," one fan wrote, adding two crying emojis.

"Bro, no one talking about his dad in the mirror?" another asked (though several people were, in fact, talking about Tony's dad.

"Nah, the dad in the mirror," a third wrote, adding a skull emoji.

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Tony Helps Raise Money For Ocean Cleanup

Last week, TooTurntTony shared that he has been traveling all over Florida with a team of experts in an effort to learn more about sharks.

"For the last couple months, I have been traveling all over Florida documenting sharks with a team of experts as well as shark fishermen in an effort to learn more about these fascinating beasts while performing stunts that have never been attempted nor should be," he admitted. "Several shark and ocean wildlife videos will be posted throughout the monthly of June and July."

"All proceeds from the TooTurnt Shark Week project will be donated to the ocean cleanup," he added.

Fans loved that Tony took the initiative and gushed over the content creator. "Love this! Not just because you’re amazing and entertaining to watch, but because all proceeds go to ocean cleanup," one fan said. "Protect this man at all costs!!!"

"You are just amazing for that! You are just pro-active," another said. "Just keep doing you! Your content is actually amazing and so funny!"

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