Salma Hayek strikes a pose for the camera.

Salma Hayek, 57, In Her Tiny Blue Bikini Is 'Breaking The Internet'

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By Alisan Duran on June 26, 2024 at 10:30 AM EDT

Salma Hayek recently attempted to pose for a series of swimsuit photos during a vacation getaway, but her family had other plans!

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Salma Hayek Strikes A Candid Pose In Her Tiny Two-Piece

In new photos shared to Instagram, the 57-year-old actress is seen sporting a patterned blue bikini after taking a refreshing dip in the ocean. The images capture her standing on a submerged ladder, trying to climb out of the stunning crystal blue water.

Despite her efforts to strike the perfect pose, it seems her family had a different idea of fun, turning the photoshoot into a playful moment that added a touch of spontaneity and joy to the captured memories.

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A Fun Bikini Moment

However, as Hayek posed for a photo-op in the plunging blue two-piece bathing suit, her family thought it would be the perfect moment to spray her with water, likely using a hose or water shooter.

Consequently, the bikini shots turned out less serene than she might have hoped. Instead of the tranquil beach vibe, the "Eternals" star was caught trying to shield herself from the unexpected water attack, resulting in a series of hilariously chaotic photos.

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Blowing Fans Away

"When your family won't let you take a bikini ріс in peace," Hayek captioned her Instagram post. But still, her fans seemed to be just as enthralled as ever by the new bikini shots.

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Fans Praise Salma Hayek

One person remarked, "She's not a mama. She’s a HOT MAMA."

Another admirer noted, "Well whoever took those epic pictures is winning life. A blind person could take an incredible picture of you doing anything in any outfit and it would break the internet. You’re an icon, Salma."

Meanwhile, a third user commented, "You are literally breaking the internet!!!"

The fourth one added, "It doesn't get any better than this woman in a bikini. She's a showstopper. She makes my heart stop. Loving this beauty, she's above an icon. She makes me high."

These comments reflect the overwhelming admiration and impact that Hayek continues to have on her fans, highlighting her timeless beauty and enduring allure in the public eye.

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The Secret To Salma Hayek's Fit Physique

Hayek credits daily meditation as the secret to maintaining her fit body. The "Frida" star enthusiastically shared her appreciation for this mindfulness technique during a July episode of Kelly Ripa's SiriusXM podcast, "Let's Talk Off Camera."

"I really believe it is. People say it's exercising. I think it's meditation," Hayek told Entertainment Tonight. "You have to find your way. For me, exercising is hard. It's really, really difficult to have the discipline to do it. But meditation is a walk in the park, because it’s my own form of it."

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