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Alexa Collins Beats The Rainy Day Blues In Her Tiny Black Bikini

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By Alisan Duran on June 26, 2024 at 8:30 AM EDT

Alexa Collins, the ever-stylish model and influencer, took to Instagram recently to show that a little rain won’t dampen her spirit -- or her fashion sense.

In a series of sizzling snaps, Collins stunned her followers by flaunting her phenomenal figure in a tiny black bikini, proving that she can make the most out of any weather.

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Alexa Collins Makes Jaws Drop With Her Sheer Display Of Skin

When the sun’s not shining, Collins still finds ways to enjoy her day. Despite the absence of sunshine for traditional sunbathing, the Florida-based influencer decided to "improvise."

She stepped out into the rain, embracing the wet weather while clad in her teeny tiny two-piece. Her playful and bold approach was captured perfectly in the photos, where she posed confidently, letting the raindrops add a natural, dewy glow to her skin.

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No Sunshine, No Problem

Collins captioned the share with a light-hearted and relatable note: "When it rains every day in FL so you have to improvise."

The post quickly garnered a wave of admiration and engagement from her fans, who were impressed not only by her stunning look but also by her positive attitude and adaptability.

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Compliments Pour In

One person remarked, "This is amazing!" while another wrote, "Meanwhile I look like a wet dog in the rain."

The third user expressed, "The rain just made the shots better."

A fourth admirer added, "Yep…. God gave you lemons and you made some bomb a-- lemonade sweetheart."

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Bikini Body On Display

Collins’ choice of a sleek black bikini highlighted her toned physique, and her radiant smile amid the downpour added a touch of charm to the entire scene. Her ability to turn a rainy day into a stylish photo opportunity showcases her creativity and commitment to maintaining a positive vibe, no matter the circumstances.

With each post, the 28-year-old continues to captivate her audience, combining beauty, fashion, and an infectious zest for life.

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How Alexa Collins' Career In Social Media Started

Before fully embracing her social media career, Collins made the pivotal decision to drop out of college -- a choice she considers to be the best decision for her journey.

"I started doing social media about 7 years ago when I noticed that a lot of brands were using the platform to run their entire business. I dropped out of college and took a new journey," she recalled in an interview with Canvas Rebel. "I started off by doing some modeling shots, posting every day, and growing an audience. Once I started building a fan base and audience, the brand deals started rolling in. I learned how to engage with my audience on a different level and learned that I was able to influence men and women to trust me when it came to good products and clothing. It’s been quite the journey and I’ve learned to scale and monetize my business by working with various brands, creating partnerships, working with hotels, venues, etc, and learning how to give back. My journey has been immensely fulfilling and I have met so many amazing people along the way."

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