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Justin Timberlake Looks Irritated As He Smacks A Handsy Fan Grabbing His Jacket During His Concert

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By Favour Adegoke on June 25, 2024 at 9:45 PM EDT
Updated on June 25, 2024 at 9:49 PM EDT

Justin Timberlake is again the topic of conversation after a viral video showed him angrily slapping away a fan's hand at his Florida concert.

The video generated mixed reactions from people on social media. However, many defended the singer's actions, emphasizing the need for consent.

Justin Timberlake has been the subject of many jokes on social media since his shocking DWI arrest and remark that he only had "one martini."

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Justin Timberlake Slaps Away A Fan's Hand During His Concert

A close up portrait of Justin Timberlake at Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2024

A video of Timberlake slapping away a fan's hand at his concert has gone viral on social media. The performance was at his tour stop in Tampa, Florida, on June 14.

The video clip, shared on TikTok, showed Timberlake standing on the barrier in front of the audience. A fan then reached out from the crowd, trying to touch his jacket.

When Timberlake felt the touch, he looked down with an irritated expression as he slapped away the fan's hand. Security then stepped in to help the singer.

Timberlake, being a professional,  immediately moved on to hyping up the large crowd at the Florida show, completely ignoring the handsy fan like nothing had happened.

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Fans Had Mixed Reactions To The Viral Video

After the video went viral, many fans flooded the comment section of the TikTok post with mixed reactions about his action.

Some fans defended Timberlake, with one person asking, "Why would you even try and touch someone without their permission?"

Another said, "Respect people's boundaries, omg. A fun thing will get taken away for stuff like this."

"[I don't know] why anyone would grab at him like that. Rude as f-ck. But he handled it better [than] I would have," a third person commented.

However, some fans felt Timberlake's reaction was harsh and that he shouldn't have come near the fans.

One such comment read, "He's an a-s like every other celebrity. Don't want to be touched stay out of the crowd. He knows…."

Another asked, "Why so angry?? He chose to get that close to them all?"

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"I feel like celebrities suck. We pay a lot of money to get close or go and see them. They are all trash about it," a third person said.

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Justin Timberlake Was Arrested For Allegedly Driving While Intoxicated

Justin Timberlake at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Trolls Band Together'

On July 18, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Timberlake was arrested while driving home after a night out with friends at Sag Harbor's American Hotel.

As reported by The Blast, a cop noticed that the singer was swerving between lanes and blew past a stop sign, prompting them to initiate a traffic stop.

When the cop approached Timberlake, he allegedly had glassy eyes and reeked of alcohol.

After giving the singer a field sobriety test, which he failed, the 43-year-old star was asked to undergo a breathalyzer test to confirm blood alcohol levels; however, Timberlake refused to oblige, leading to his being arrested and taken away.

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"Justin was out to dinner with friends and there were cop cars stationed outside the restaurant, like there are most nights. [He] left at 12:30AM and was pulled over as soon as he left. Nobody was hurt and there was no drama at the scene," a source said of the DWI bust, per the Daily Mail.

Justin Timberlake Subtly Addressed The Arrest At A Concert

Justin Timberlake at the Los Angeles premiere of 'In Time' - Arrivals

Timberlake subtly addressed his DWI arrest during his concert in Chicago on Friday.

The singer paused to address the adoring fans, saying it has been a hard week for him.

"It's been a tough week," Timberlake said, per Page Six. "I know I'm hard to love sometimes, but you keep loving me right back."

Timberlake made the remarks about his DWI arrest while telling his fans how they have all been through "ups-and-downs and left-and-rights."

Timberlake reportedly expressed concern during his arrest that the incident could "ruin his tour." However, a source told People Magazine that the tour would proceed without a hitch as it's "business as usual" for the singer.

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Bartender At Hotel Says Justin Timberlake Only Had One Martini

Justin Timberlake gets back to work after the controversy of being photographed holding hands with his latest co-star.

According to People, a bartender at the high-profile hotel where Timberlake was partying with friends before his DWI arrest has confirmed that the singer only had one martini.

Timberlake had told the cop arresting him that he "had one martini and [then] followed my friends home."

However, the fact that he failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a breathalyzer test made his claim hard to believe.

Another staff member at the hotel also said that if Timberlake drank more than "one martini," it didn't happen at their hotel, contrary to reports that said the singer was "wasted" that night and drank someone else's drink.

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