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Jennifer Lopez Flies Economy To Paris Amid Divorce Rumors & Financial Setback After Canceled Tour

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By Favour Adegoke on June 25, 2024 at 9:15 AM EDT
Updated on June 25, 2024 at 12:19 PM EDT

Jennifer Lopez seems to have trimmed down on her budget as she was recently seen in an economy cabin for a Paris trip.

Lopez has been allegedly dealing with marital troubles with her husband, Ben Affleck, and has seemingly taken a financial hit after canceling her Greatest Hits tour and taking out $20 million to fund "The Greatest Love Story Never Told" documentary.

A source recently shared that the Hollywood power couple, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, have not announced their divorce because they are considering how it could affect their kids.

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Jennifer Lopez Flies Economy To Paris

Jennifer Lopez out and about in New York promoting 'Marry Me'

The "Love Don't Cost A Thing" singer was spotted over the weekend attempting to go incognito on the surprisingly low-key economy flight to Paris.

She donned a comfortable white tracksuit for the 2hr20 flight from Naples, Italy, to Paris, France, on Saturday, opting for a window seat on a KLM flight.

The unexpected sighting has raised concerns among fans about Lopez's financial state, as KLM flights also offer a business-class cabin.

According to the Daily Mail, Lopez managed to reserve a seat for her bag on the flight, which typically costs €134.

She was accompanied by her bodyguard, who sat in the aisle seat as they traveled to Paris in time for the Men's Fashion Week.

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Jennifer Lopez Relishing 'Breathing Room' From Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are in Paris with kids

The 54-year-old singer is seemingly making good of her me-time after canceling her scheduled tour "to be with her children, family and close friends."

Her economy flight to Paris follows a vacation trip to Italy, which she's understood to have enjoyed because of the space it afforded her from the "Argo" actor.

According to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, Lopez seemingly needed a change of environment from all she'd been going through and opted for a vacation in Europe.

"Jen loves vacationing in Europe during the summer. It's been nice for her to experience a change of pace and have some breathing room," the source shared. "She has been having a blast with her friends. They love to go to fun dinners, have late nights, lay out in the sun, get dressed up, dance, and shop."

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The source went further to share that many of the things she's doing with her friends on vacation are not what Affleck likes.

"That's never really been Ben's scene, even when he and Jen weren't having any issues," the insider added. "Jen isn't letting the fact that Ben's not there bring her down."

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Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Doesn't Think She Can Save Her Marriage

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck take a private cruise on the Seine river

The "Ain't Your Mama" singer has reportedly given up trying to fix her marriage with Affleck. A close source shared that she's "over" trying to fix it.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, the industry insider alleged that Lopez is fed up with the situation and has now realized that she can't do any "more" to salvage her relationship with Affleck.

They added that the main reason for their split was that the "Deep Water" actor was always "grumpy and negative."

"Jenny has had enough and she really tried but she can do no more, it's not getting any better, it's worse," the source told the news outlet, further adding that Lopez is "shocked" by the bad press she's been getting.

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"If people could see what she has really gone through they would be easier on her. Ben is a great guy but he can be grumpy and a downer," the insider continued. "I think the world saw that in photos like when they were at the Grammys last year; he wouldn't smile. If they saw how it really was, they would not attack her."

"He chain smokes and cusses and seems irritated a lot of the time. Great director and actor, but not a lot of laughs with him, you know?" they added. "He is a wonderful father though."

Ben Affleck Seen Without His Wedding Ring

Ben Affleck

Affleck recently ditched his wedding band during a Sunday date with his daughter, Violet.

According to the Daily Mail, the actor and his teenage daughter grabbed lunch at the Tasty Noodle House in Los Angeles, and he was not wearing his wedding ring at the time.

The actor wore blue jeans, sneakers, and a white T-shirt under a flannel button-up shirt.

Affleck is understood to now have a "cordial" relationship with Lopez after leaving their $60 million marital home and moving into a $100k-a-month rental home near his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

"He is now filming Accounting 2 and the hours are really long, he is working hard at it and it's a lot to juggle with marriage and kids," a source told the news outlet. "So sometimes he is not in the best mood."

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The Actor Got Into A Heated Row With Paparazzi While Leaving The $60M Mansion

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the 'The Tender' Bar Los Angeles Premiere

Affleck got into a heated exchange on Sunday night while leaving his shared home with Lopez.

The actor was driving his car down the driveway when he was confronted by paparazzi who were busy snapping away with their cameras flashing brightly.

The "Gone Girl" star drove a few feet away from the paparazzi before deciding to put his car in reverse and get out of the vehicle to address the photographers directly.

Affleck reportedly walked toward one of the men and began blasting him for flashing his light at him while he tried to drive away from the area safely.

During the exchange, he sternly warned one of the men, saying, "Don't flash your light at someone driving down the driveway."

"Don't do that! That's dangerous. You don't even know if that's me. You can cause an accident," he added.

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