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Tori Spelling Fans Say 'She Looks Like A White Wendy Williams'

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By Afouda Bamidele on June 24, 2024 at 3:45 PM EDT

Tori Spellingis taking the latest comments about her appearance with humor and grace. 

During the latest episode of her podcast, she candidly discussed prevalent remarks about her looks, notably comparisons to TV host Wendy Williams

Despite Wendy Williams' past criticisms of the heiress, Tori Spelling's response to the comparison highlights her ability to take criticism in stride.

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Tori Spelling Has 'Pretty Thick Skin' Concerning Wendy Williams Comparison 

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The "Beverly Hills, 90210" star delved into fans' often blunt remarks about her appearance on the latest episode of her podcast, "misSPELLING." The actress showed she was not afraid to confront criticism, stating:

"You can ask me anything. You can say anything, pretty thick skin. I do read the comments — look at me, I'm human. I can feel them, but I can also have a good sense of humor about them."

When a producer readout a comment comparing the two women, which read, "She looks like a white Wendy Williams," Spelling responded by graciously acknowledging Williams' physical attractiveness.

"I actually think Wendy Williams is very pretty," the mother-of-five candidly shared. She added about the popular talk show host:

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"She hasn't been very kind to me in the past, but she is a pretty woman and I feel bad for her situation. But I feel like commenting on that, you'll never be able to unsee it."

Reflecting on the initial reaction to the comparison, Spelling admitted, "Once that comment was made, I was like, 'Huh?' And then I was like, 'Oh, can't unsee that!'" per ET.

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Spelling Laughs Off Wendy's Controversial Comments And 'White Chicks' Comparisons

Tori Spelling, Candy Spelling and Josh Flagg at Craig's for Diner

In addition to being compared to the 59-year-old, Spelling shared her children's humorous reaction to remarks made by the former radio host. 

The "Stori Telling" author revealed that her youngsters thought she had "made it" after Williams claimed, "Tori Spelling has Ebola."

While Spelling noted that the claim was false, she recounted with laughter, "They were like, 'Mom, you made it!'"

Spelling also tackled another common comparison she receives. She mentioned how fans often liken her appearance to that of comedians Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans in the 2004 comedy film White Chicks. 

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In the popular movie, the Wayans brothers portrayed undercover cops disguised as white women. "'She looks like Marlon and Shawn Wayans in disguise in the movie White Chicks,' and I'm like, 'Fair,'" Spelling quipped.

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Wendy Williams' Criticism Of Tori Spelling

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Williams' criticism of Spelling dates back to 2020. In The Sun's April 9th report of the same year, Williams made controversial remarks about Spelling's financial situation. 

Williams expressed pity for the 51-year-old during a segment of her talk show, stating, "There's nothing worse than being an heiress with nothing but clownery and buffoonery around you."

At the time of Williams' comments, Spelling had begun marketing Cameo videos for $95. In response, Williams remarked, "I'd pay for that. I would like to see Tori and what she does on a meet and greet."

Tori Spelling Is A-Ok With Dean McDermott's New Relationship

Spelling has been transparent about the highs and lows of her personal life, including approving her ex-husband's new relationship. 

The Blast shared that despite their public separation after over a decade of marriage, McDermott made his romance with Lily Calo official on Instagram.

In a surprising move, Spelling showed her approval by liking the affectionate photos McDermott and Calo shared on their respective pages.

Spelling did not stop at liking the posts. She expressed her affection for the new couple, writing, "Love you both," alongside a red emoji.

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Fans Were Torn By Tori Spelling's Approval

Tori Spelling sighted in NYC

Spelling's unexpected approval of McDermott's relationship with Calo sparked mixed reactions among fans. In McDermott's comment section, followers expressed a range of emotions. 

Some were baffled by Spelling's gesture, with one netizen commenting, "The fact that Tori liked this is mind-boggling!" Another fan echoed this, writing, "Tori liked this 'cause he's her [clown emoji] now."

However, others praised Spelling for her mature approach to the situation. One supporter noted, "Tori liked the post… she seems ok with how fast you moved on."

Another defended the couple against critics, emphasizing, "Tori and Dean proudly supporting each other. That's the only thing that matters. No need to talk sh-t on their situation. Cheers."

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