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Lacrosse Star Alex Aust Works On Her Tan During Bikini Workout Session

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By Alisan Duran on June 24, 2024 at 10:00 AM EDT

Alex Aust, renowned in the world of lacrosse g, showcased her athleticism and toned physique during a recent bikini workout session aimed at enhancing her summer tan.

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Alex Aust Soaks Up The Sun

The 29-year-old athlete, known for her prowess on the lacrosse field, took to Instagram to share glimpses of her outdoor fitness routine. Aust, clad in a stylish bikini that accentuated her athletic figure, engaged in a series of exercises under the warm sun.

In the tantalizing video, Aust could be seen performing various workouts, such as lunges, squats, and stretches, all while soaking up the sunlight. Her toned abs and muscular legs were prominently on display, reflecting her dedication to fitness and training.

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Killing '2 Birds With One Stone'

Aust captioned the post with enthusiasm, expressing her enjoyment of the sunny weather and the opportunity to combine fitness with outdoor activities.

"Why not kill 2 birds with one stone?? However the eyes are basically closed the whole time due to being a head sweater," she wrote in the caption.

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Compliments Pour In

Aust's followers quickly filled the comment section with praise and admiration for her dedication to maintaining peak physical condition during the off-season.

"Ok I see you!!!!" exclaimed one admirer in response to Alex Aust's bikini workout session, highlighting their excitement and admiration for her fitness routine.

Another follower remarked, "Wait, this is so smart what," suggesting intrigue and admiration for Aust's ability to combine sunbathing with exercise, possibly appreciating the efficiency of her approach.

A third user expressed their approval with a touch of humor, stating, "Love getting two birds stoned at once," implying admiration for Aust's multitasking ability to both work out and tan simultaneously.

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The fourth commenter kept it straightforward and complimentary, adding, "So hot!" emphasizing their admiration for Aust's athletic physique and overall appearance during her outdoor workout session.

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Maintaining That Snatched Appearance

Known for her achievements in lacrosse, Aust's commitment to fitness continues to inspire fans and athletes alike, showcasing how rigorous training and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand, even outside the field.

Bikini Bombshell

Aust made her debut in the pages of SI Swimsuit for the first time in 2021, a milestone achieved through active participation in the Swim Search. Teaming up with photographer Yu Tsai, she traveled to Atlantic City, where she showcased her athletic prowess and beach allure. Aust posed confidently on the sandy shores, donning a variety of vibrant one-pieces and stunning bikinis, capturing the essence of her dynamic presence and natural beauty against the backdrop of the ocean.

"I represent the sporty girl. I represent anyone who trains for something that’s bigger than themselves," Aust said during the open casting call process.

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