Onezwa Mbola and Nara Smith on TikTok

Nara Smith Accused Of Stealing TikTok Ideas From Onezwa Mbola

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By Melanie VanDerveer on June 23, 2024 at 5:41 PM EDT

It's getting really hot in the kitchen for two content creators on TikTok!

Onezwa Mbola, a TikToker based in South Africa, has accused Nara Smith of stealing her cooking content ideas, and Smith has threatened legal action over the accusation.

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Onezwa Mbola Accused Nara Smith Of Stealing Her Ideas

Onezwa Mbola
TikTok | Onezwa Mbola

Smith, who has nearly 8 million followers on TikTok, goes viral with every video she posts. Many of her videos get more than 20 million views, so it's safe to say most avid TikTok users have come across her at some point while scrolling on the app.

Her cooking-from-scratch demos are a hit on social media, but there's one person who's not happy about them - fellow content creator Mbola, who's accusing Smith of stealing her ideas.

In a since deleted TikTok video, Mbola accuses Smith of stealing her ideas to gain views and to profit. She doesn't name Smith in her video, but it's apparent to TikTokers who are following along with this drama that she's referring to her.

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"For four months now, I have watched a very, very popular content creator use my ideas and again, I'm not the first person to do anything. They've continuously used my ideas to get views," Mbola said in the since-deleted video. "Now, that would be fine, except in South Africa, we don't get paid for views and where she is, they get paid for views, so she has been making money off stealing my content."

Mbola talked about one particular video - a boba tea demo.

"I was so very, very, very, very proud of that video. I tweeted about it, I was so excited for it and then a day later, she made a boba video and you might say it might be a coincidence," Mbola said. "That would be fine if it were a coincidence, except it's a coincidence that happens very often, so is it really a coincidence?"

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Nara Smith Responded To Onezwa Mbola's Accusations

Mbola shared the message she received from Smith on X after she accused her of taking her ideas and profiting from them.

"I am writing to address a serious matter regarding your recent statements accusing me of stealing your content. You have publicly claimed that I stole your videos related to boba tea and mozzarella cheese, which is untrue and damaging to my reputation," Smith wrote to Mbola.

"These allegations are entirely false. The videos in question are not my original creations, and I have all the necessary proof of this on the social media platform TikTok. Your false allegations have caused significant harm to my personal and professional reputation."

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The email went on to say it's a "formal notice" that if her accusations about Smith aren't retracted, she will "have no choice but to pursue legal actions against you for defamation of character."

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Nara Smith's Recent Boba Tea Video Seems To Be Onezwa Mbola's Breaking Point

While Mbola claims that Smith has been stealing her content ideas for months, it appears that the breaking point for her was Smith's June 12 boba tea video. Smith's video received more than 20 million views and 19,000 comments.

"You ever had a craving that you can't stop thinking about until you actually have it? I've been craving boba for so long that I just decided to make it today," Smith said in her viral video before she began making everything from scratch.

Many viewers dropped into the comment section to praise Smith for her boba tea demo.

"Nara Smith makes me believe everything and anything can be made at home," one person wrote. Another said, "I'll never MAKE any of this but I love WATCHING Nara do it!"

Another viewer said, "WE BELIEVE YOU ONESWA!!"

Onezwa Mbola's Boba Tea Video Was Shared Two Days Earlier

Mbola shared a boba tea video two days before Smith and her video received 2.5 million views and 2,000 comments.

She also makes all the ingredients from scratch, and explained in the beginning of her video that she uses items she's "grown, raised, or foraged."

Her video demonstrates how she picks all her items, milks the goats, and uses all her fresh ingredients to create her boba tea.

"Now THIS is from SCRATCH," one viewer wrote in the comment section. Another said, "Your ideas are literally from scratch! You gained a new follower and I love your videos."

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Throughout The Online Drama, Both Content Creators Continue To Post Regularly

Onezwa Mbola
TikTok | Onezwa Mbola

Even though shots have been fired from both sides, Smith and Mbola continue to share their usual content. Mbola shared a video captioned "Sunday harvest" just a few hours ago that shows her and her son picking fresh produce and cooking up some goodies in the kitchen.

Many viewers shared their support for her videos in the comment section.

"We support you Onezwa, keep it up," one viewer wrote. Another added, "I’ve never come across you until now and I’m so happy I did. This humble American supports you."

Smith has also been sharing videos throughout the online drama. Her most recent recipe video shared two days ago demonstrates her making dinner for her parents who are on their way to visit from Germany.

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