Kanye West wearing a black suit

Kanye West Reportedly Splurged Over $40K On Wine For Lavish Paris Dinner With 30 Friends

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By Favour Adegoke on June 22, 2024 at 7:15 PM EDT
Updated on June 22, 2024 at 7:51 PM EDT

Controversial rapper Kanye West reportedly hosted a lavish dinner party in Paris, splurging over $40K on wine for 30 guests.

This event followed a tense public interaction with his wife, Bianca Censori after they attended a Paris Fashion Week show.

Insiders recently claimed that Censori's family is worried that Kanye West might drag the model into his Yeezy porn business.

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Kanye West Hosts Extravagant Dinner in Paris For Friends

Kanye West wearing a black suit

West, who was in Paris for Fashion Week with his wife Censori, reportedly spared no expense for his lavish dinner.

According to The Sun, the "Stronger" rapper threw the dinner at a private apartment in the Quartier Saint Germain des Pres, spending $40,800 on wine and $3,100 on smoked salmon for around 30 guests.

The majority of the extravagant budget went towards an impressive selection of wines. West splurged $40,000 on drinks, which included five bottles of Pinot Noir at $3,950 each, ten bottles of Bordeaux at $1,000 each, $7,440 on top-tier Dom Perignon champagne, and six bottles of Cristal Brut.

An insider revealed to the publication, "Kanye loves to be a great host. He isn't afraid to spend tons of money on food and drink. He loves Paris and French cuisine."

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West paired the luxurious drinks with the finest caviar and top-quality French steak. He reportedly ordered 12 portions of Caviar Petrossian at $320 per 30 grams, along with $3,100 worth of smoked salmon and $1,340 of steak.

The source added, "He is the kind of person we love. He doesn't count how much he spends as long as everyone involved has a great time."

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Kanye West And Bianca Censori's Tense Paris Outing

Kanye West & Bianca Censori leaving their hotel during Paris Fashion Week

West's lavish party follows a frosty interaction between him and Censori in Paris on Wednesday night.

The couple appeared to have a tense exchange as they headed back to their hotel after attending the PROTOTYPES Menswear spring/summer 2025 show.

They kept their distance, waiting separately for a car. According to the Daily Mail, West covered his face with his white coat while Censori was seen talking in front of the rapper.

The "All of the Light" singer eventually left the area without his wife.

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Bianca Censori's Racy Paris Outing

Kanye West's Wife Bianca Censori smiling with her eyes closed on a couch
Instagram | Kanye West

After the tense moment, Censori attended the birthday party of her stylist,  Gadir Rajab, the following day without her husband.

At the party at the Italian restaurant Gigi Paris, the 29-year-old model experienced a small wardrobe malfunction while rocking a barely-there outfit made from cream tape.

As the Australian architect posed for photos with the birthday racy celebrant, her outfit began to come apart.

Inside the venue, Censori continued to command attention, cuddling up to Gadir, who was dressed casually in a Moroccan football shirt, for a series of snapshots.

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Censori's daring outfit, crafted from tape, featured beige low-rise shorts extending to her knees. The shorts were paired with a single tape strand functioning as suspenders, which looped behind her neck and covered only her nipples.

This revealing outfit accentuated Censori's toned midriff and slender arms and legs. She completed her minimalist look with matching beige open-toe heels featuring clear plastic straps.

Young Parisians Call The Model's Risque Looks 'Weird'

Kanye West with wife Bianca Censori

On Friday, young Parisians expressed concern over Censori's revealing outfit at Rajab's birthday party.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Sarra Sean, a 20-year-old linguist, said, "She's free to do what she wants with her own body, but it's a bit weird."

"I'm not that into celebrities, but there clearly has to be some concern if a famous person is acting strangely. Some of Kanye's political statements have been very worrying lately," she added.

San Zaya, an 18-year-old student, also noted that Censori and West have a responsibility to set a good example for young people.

Zaya said, "Kanye, in particular, is world-famous and an influential artist, so anything he does is copied everywhere."

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She continued: "People can dress how they look, but if they are being forced to behave in a certain way for the cameras, then that can be very dangerous. These two are followed massively on social media. I like Kanye West's music, but I don't like some of the publicity that has surrounded him lately."

Bianca Censori's Family Concerned Over Kanye West's Influence Over Her

Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori is nearly naked in an X-rated silver string ensemble covering up with only a stuffed cat as the duo cause a stir at Miami's LIV nightclub.

Censori's latest appearance in skimpy outfits comes amid growing concerns that she is being "controlled" by her husband and manipulated by him.

Insiders have revealed that Censori's family is worried West might be pushing her into the adult film industry to promote his new Yeezy Porn venture and exploit her to "promote sexual indecency."

An insider told Daily Mail, "Bianca's family was willing to give Kanye the benefit of the doubt after her mom's recent visit to LA. For Bianca's sake, they were willing to overlook his anti-Semitic remarks and inappropriate behavior."

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The source added, "They were even trying to accept that he was not forcing Bianca to do anything. They knew about Kanye and Bianca's project to create and sell their own clothing brand. But with two feminist sisters and an equally feminist mother, it is hard to rationalize or accept her involvement in this new venture."

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