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Megan Fox In Skimpy Mexico Bikini Is 'Acting Like A Teenager'

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By Evie Scott on June 21, 2024 at 9:30 PM EDT

Megan Fox may have wanted to spend quality alone time with on-off beau Machine Gun Kelly as the two hit up Mexico in March, but she had to make do with the paparazzi following her around. Earlier this year, the 38-year-old actress flew South of the Border for some fun in the sun with Ohio-born rapper MGK, with the photos coming just before the couple announced the end of their engagement. Showing off her killer curves in a pink bikini as she stripped down in the Mexico heat, Megan sizzled as she was photographed both at her resort and on the beach, but some appeared to feel that she wasn't behaving her age.

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Megan Fox Stuns In Mexico Bikini With MGK

Scroll for the photos. Keeping a little incognito under a bucket hat and wearing shades, Megan couldn't hide her figure as she went girly in an embellished pink bikini. Flashing her fierce cleavage and toned abs, the mom of three kept busy poolside as she enjoyed her vacation, one including plenty of water sports.

Wearing a black wetsuit unzipped and rolled down below her waist, Megan mixed her swimwear look with a sporty one as she carried a towel, making sure to highlight her famous tattoos.

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Keeping glam with a long manicure and pink-tined hair, Megan was photographed solo and with MGK, with the two eventually seen on sandy beaches and in their zipped-up wetsuits as they headed out for a scuba-diving session.

The photos, published by The Daily Mail, quickly attracted comments. Many commented on Megan Fox's changing appearance over the years — the actress, who suffers from body dysmorphia, has admitted to undergoing cosmetic surgeries, although many seem to think that she looked better before them.

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'Acting Like A Teenager'

Quick to criticize the Jennifer's Body star was a user saying: "She is going thru a midlife crisis...She's in a complete spiral and desperately trying to gain some youth and attention she's acting like someone half her age and it's embarrassing to watch it unfold in real time." Another said that Megan had "ruined herself."

"She's almost 40 and acting like she's a teenager. Go home, put some clothes on, take care of your kids and fix that hair," a further user wrote. Megan has, indeed, been experimenting with her hair in 2024, although fans seeing her blue-dyed Coachella hair this year loved it. Likewise, those seeing the "espresso martini" chocolate-brown do Megan also debuted this year.

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Ignore 'The Keyboard Warriors!'

Amid all the shaming, some fans did step up to defend Megan. "Aw Megan you look amazing!!! Keep your head up against these nasty keyboard warriors," one user wrote.

Megan Fox, who boasts a reported $8 million net worth, has since made headlines for wiping her Instagram clean in a shock birthday move that also saw her unfollowing everyone in May.

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