Britney Spears Raked In Over $2.5 Million Last Year, 80 Trips to Target

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By Gary Trock on August 12, 2019 at 6:16 PM EDT


Britney Spears was an earning machine in 2018, despite being on the verge of an emotional breakdown and going H.A.M. on retail therapy.

The Blast obtained financial documents filed in Britney's conservatorship case, which requires an annual accounting of all the money going in and out of her account.

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The pop star was touring for much of 2018 during her "Piece of Me" tour, which ran from July through October.

Britney's portfolio is staggering, with enough investment accounts, mutual funds and trusts set up to make any accountant's head spin.

Her total assets, at the end of 2018, come in at $59,079,755.76.

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The number is obviously impressive, and after all of Britney's pricey expenses, still puts her over $2.5 million ahead of where she was at the end of 2017.

Among Britney's $400,000 listed in expenses, her favorite store of choice definitely appears to be Target.

Britney's financial documents list over 80 different trips to the retail giant throughout 2018. As if fans needed documents to tell them the "Toxic" singer loved a good sale ... there have been Britney sightings at many Target locations over the years.

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Her other shops of choice appear to be Ralphs and Home Depot. In total, she spent just over $66,000 on household supplies.

Britney loves to travel, and her documents state that she spent over $70,000 on travel expenses last year, including a 4-night stay at the Beverly Hills Montage in November that cost over $16,000.

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She also spent over $1 million for fees paid to her conservators and case management advisors, including father Jamie Spears, who collected $128,000.

The expenses listed do not include Britney's time spent in a mental health facility from earlier this year.

All of the payments paid to the advisors, as well as the entire management of Britney's conservatorship, will come into play as the investigation into the singer's case continues.

As we reported, the judge in Britney's conservatorship has ordered a special investigator look at all angles and aspects of the situation, as Britney has asked for certain freedoms granted.

A decision could be made as early as next month.

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