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Marcus Jordan Says 'I Am Single AF' Amid Rumored New Flame

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By Afouda Bamidele on June 21, 2024 at 3:15 PM EDT

Marcus Jordan is setting the record straight about his relationship status. Despite swirling rumors of a new romance, the basketball star announced he is "single AF." 

After a tumultuous, on-and-off relationship with reality TV star Larsa Pippen, Marcus Jordan is now back on the market and wants everyone to know.

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Marcus Jordan Clears The Air On His Relationship Status 

The son of NBA legend Michael Jordan put an end to speculation about his love life after a video surfaced online showing him chatting with a woman named Gabrielle Wright at a recent fashion show in Paris.

The clip sparked rumors that Jordan might be moving on from his high-profile relationship with Larsa Pippen. However, the TV personality himself stepped in to clear the air.

On Friday, Jordan declared his single status with a clear and concise message: "Single AF." This shuts down any speculation about a romance with Wright, assuring everyone that he is currently unattached.

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According to TMZ, Jordan also offered a brief update on his relationship with Pippen. The 33-year-old shared that they are "not together [right now] but we're always good," emphasizing his single status while maintaining a friendly rapport with his ex.

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Marcus Jordan And Larsa Pippen Cut Off Communication After Their Second Split

Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan Address Backlash Over Their 16-Year Age Gap: 'Age Is Just A Number'

While Jordan suggested he and Pippen are on good terms, their relationship was not always as amicable as he portrayed. 

The Blast noted that after their second breakup in March, sources close to the pair revealed they avoided all forms of communication.

Insiders disclosed that the former couple's tumultuous romance led them to conclude it was best to go their separate ways. 

Both Jordan and Pippen were reportedly now focused on their individual endeavors, steering clear of any interactions since their split.

Despite the distance, those familiar with their situation noted the difficulty of ruling out a future reconciliation, given their on-again-off-again relationship dynamics.

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The Former Couple Fueled Breakup Rumors With Cryptic Posts

Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan Address Backlash Over Their 16-Year Age Gap: 'Age Is Just A Number'

Before splitting up the second time, the former lovebirds fueled speculation about their relationship status after deleting each other's photos from their social media accounts and unfollowing one another.

The rumors gained traction when Pippen shared a cryptic question on her Instagram story. At the time, the model asked her followers a thought-provoking question, "Should your friends unfollow your ex?" 

She also posted a video featuring Morgan Freeman, in which he highlighted the significance of trusting one's "inner voice." Days before Valentine, it was finally confirmed that Pippen and Jordan had decided to take a break from their relationship.

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But in typical fashion for the former pair, they reconciled during a Valentine's Day date in Miami. Pippen was seen wearing a sizable diamond ring on her ring finger, signaling a possible renewed commitment.

Pippen Revealed Secret To Strong Relationship With Jordan 

It is safe to say that Jordan's statement about his amicable relationship with Pippen is not far off, especially considering Pippen's praise for their friendship before dating.

During an October episode of "Watch What Happens Live!," host Gibson Johns commented on the mother-of-four's obvious radiance. In response, Pippen explained the dynamics of their relationship, stating:

"Probably because we were such good friends beforehand. And I think when you're already friends before, it turns into more. We already know each other, we already know what we like and what we don't like about each other. So, you already know what you signed up for from the very beginning."

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The socialite also mentioned that their strong connection was strengthened by their ability to talk about various topics, like basketball. Other topics mentioned included their shared interests and culinary preferences.

Larsa Pippen And Marcus Jordan Shared Intimate Details Of Their Relationship

Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan Address Backlash Over Their 16-Year Age Gap: 'Age Is Just A Number'

After crediting their shared interests and friendship for their easy romance, the now estranged couple candidly revealed more intimate details.

The Blast reported that during the January appearance on Andy Cohen's show, Pippen and Jordan, known for their close friendship turned romance, did not hold back.

The conversation heated up when Cohen mentioned Pippen's confession from the 2023 "Real Housewives of Miami" reunion. She had claimed that she "always had sex, like, four times a night," including while she was married to Scottie Pippen. 

With the camera back on her, Pippen emphatically stated, "That's facts," before adding, "I also have sex probably five times a night with the love of my life," referring to Jordan.

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Jordan chimed in with a laugh, "I'm very competitive, so I like to stay ready," noting that their sessions are "way more than three times.”

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