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Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter Slips Out Of Her Strapless Red Dress

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By Kristin Myers on June 29, 2024 at 6:00 AM EDT

Model Mikayla Demaiter is never going out of style!

The retired hockey goalie and Canadian model put on a busty display in a sleeveless red dress that left very little to the imagination!

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Mikayla Demaiter Is Practically Popping Out Of Her Busty Red Dress

On Friday night, it looked like Mikayla was getting dressed for a date night with her followers as she posed on a staircase in a strapless red dress that barely contained her large chest. She paired the look with a red amulet that hung by several chains around her neck as she posed for several photos. Fans who swipe through the carousel were treated to a shot of Mikayla posing in strappy red heels.

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“No need for me to have a special occasion to wear a dress; it’s always one when I go out,” she wrote in the caption. Army National Reserve veteran and Playboy cover model Kindly Myers was one of the first to respond, calling her the “Lady in Red.” Other followers were quick to shower her post with red heart emojis to show some love for her red dress. “Hot tamale,” one fan commented. “You are jaw-dropping,” another follower wrote. “Definitely right!! You are one of the most beautiful women on earth,” a third fan gushed.

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Mikayla Sends Fans A 'Reminder' From France

In August 2023, Mikayla took a trip to France and sent her followers a “reminder” of how much fun she was having there while posing in a red swimsuit that showed off her hourglass figure. The bikini bottoms featured three red straps that hugged her hips while her red top featured gold clasps that connected the straps to the rest of the garment. “I may be hard to forget, but here’s a reminder just in case…” she joked in the caption.

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“I truly want you to be wifey for real. Please talk to me about our beautiful life together you and me forever in love,” one fan gushed. “Seeing such a beautiful figure and beauty makes one go crazy, after all, this beauty is unique, I have never seen such beauty, when I see this beauty, my eyes are happy, and my body is happy, keep such beauty my beautiful queen,” another follower wrote. “Quite lovely. What is the brand?” a third fan asked but Mikayla did not reply!

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Mikayla Demaiter Knows How To Play Ball!

Fans love to see Mikayla play hockey, but little do they know that she likes to play basketball and soccer too! She posed against a rack of basketballs wearing a black crop top and white shorts as she reminded followers how skilled she is both on and off the court. “I can’t beat you at basketball because I’m too distracted by your beauty. We’re all winners though because we follow one of the most beautiful women ever,” one fan commented.

“Do you play Center, Mikayla? Because you’re the center of my attention,” another follower gushed. “Are you any good?” a third fan asked. “I guess you may never know,” Mikayla replied. “Just playing against you means I’ve won in life miss most beautiful queen on the planet,” another follower chimed in. “Very beautiful Mikayla. I would love to play basketball with you. I wouldn't care if you did beat me. It would have been such an honor to have played against you,” another fan shared.

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Mikayla Is Proving Why She's 'Canada's National Treasure'

In April 2024, Mikayla put her bikini body on display in a gray two-piece swimsuit that came complete with matching sleeves. The pink drawstrings wrapped around her hips and stood out against her sun-kissed summer tan. She paired her look with gold jewelry, including several heart necklaces that hung around her neck. She shared four photos of her outfit, including a close-up look on the last slide.

“A photo series of Canada’s National Treasure,” she wrote in the caption. “The hottest and prettiest treasure,” one fan agreed. “Can you be Indiana’s national treasure by sending those heat waves this way?” another follower asked. “Oh my god! You are the reason, why I got eyes,” a third fan joked while another follower added, “Have a great day!! You made it great for a lot of people.”

Fans Can't Get Enough Of Mikayla Demaiter!

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