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Veronika Rajek In Plunging Undies Shows Her 'Little Magic' Trick

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By Evie Scott on June 20, 2024 at 3:30 PM EDT

Veronika Rajek may be bouncing across Europe as she enjoys her summer break, but the Slovakian model hasn't hit pause on her influencing gigs. On Wednesday, Veronika updated her Instagram with another figure-flaunting post, thrilling her 7 million followers in two looks and kicking things off in her undies. Flaunting her jaw-dropping figure after revealing that her BMI is only 17.6 in a recent Instagram Story, Veronika showed off her rock-hard muscles alongside her signature curves, and she even modeled looks that are affordable.

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Veronika Rajek Offers Some 'Magic' In Her Undies

Scroll for the video. Smiling as she swung her hips from side to side, Veronika opened her video in a skintight, low-cut bra and matching briefs. Flashing her washboard abs and hints of her mile-long legs, the Fashion Nova partner also offered up her usual cleavage flash, dropping jaws with her Barbie-like proportions as she wore her trademark blonde locks down.

Also wearing her new jewelry combo as she rocked both a Christian Dior pearl necklace and a Star of David one, Veronika held a scrunched-up playsuit in one hand, lifting it high in the air before dropping it.

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Going TikTok-style as she reappeared outfitted in the leggy shorts one-piece, Veronika showed off that bombshell body all over again, this time channeling a sexy, sporty vibe as she highlighted her sensational curves in her plunging brown bodysuit. Drawing attention to her cleavage, the blonde even adjusted the fabrics around her bust as she kept fans glued to her curves. "Little magic with my favorite @Fashionnova summer romper," she wrote.

Fans have left Veronika Rajek over 116,000 likes.

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Pizza Vibes In Yellow Underwear

Veronika is based in L.A., however she was thousands of miles from home in her June 3 share, one marking the start of her European summer travels. Enjoying her time in Italy at the start of the month, Veronika sizzled in morning selfies as she stripped down to plunging yellow undies for a series of selfies earning her over 150,000 likes. She even threw a pizza emoji into her caption while writing: "Your [sunshine] just landed IT."

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Bikini Bombshell Lives The American Dream

Veronika turned heads with her 2023 Halloween look, going star-spangled in a tiny bikini and angel wings getup as she gave a giant nod to the U.S.

"America means a lot to me and it was always a dream to live here and work on my dreams. I have been becoming the best version of myself every day, because in this country you have to prove and deliver the best version of yourself," she wrote. Veronika Rajek, whose net worth sits at $900,000-$1 million, continued:  "I wore US flag theme costume, because this country gave me opportunities, better life and spreaded out wings that had been always cut and burned where I was born."

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