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Sabrina Carpenter's Hilarious Childhood Video Takes The Internet by Storm

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on June 19, 2024 at 1:15 PM EDT

Sabrina Carpenter is once again going viral, this time for a childhood video of her talking to a cat.

The pop diva, who is dubbed as a real-life Polly Pocket, has taken the world by storm for her iconic songs, personality, and authenticity. Although she has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade, it's fair to say that her rise to superstardom has skyrocketed over the past few months.

After initially finding success as a child actor, notably starring in the Disney Channel sitcom "Girl Meets World" in 2014, Sabrina Carpenter has since become a pop icon, most recently opening for Taylor Swift on her Eras Tour.

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As Sabrina Carpenter continues to gain fans and stardom, many are deep-diving into her past, with one social media user coming across a childhood video of the "Nonsense" singer, which has since gone viral.

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Why Is Sabrina Carpenter's Childhood Video Going Viral?

Sabrina Carpenter in a black dress

The simple explanation? Because of how authentically herself, Sabrina is.

In the clip, a young Sabrina Carpenter claims she can speak "cat" after "going to animal communication school."

She then turns to the cat lying on the porch railing, gets in its face, and says, "Meow. Purr. Hiss."

"He intimidated! You see that intimidation in his eyes?" she said to the camera.

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Watch The Viral Video

The video of Sabrina Carpenter talking to a cat has gained over 22,000 shares, 255,000 likes, and 33,000 saves.

"I love how it’s not even forced like Sabrina been strange since she gained consciousness," the X user wrote alongside the video.

"I still remember her in 'Girl Meets World' and she was 100% her real self," one of her fans pointed out.

"I love how unserious she is with life and her music," another X user commented.

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Other Videos Of Sabrina Carpenter Go Viral

This childhood video is not the pop icon's first video to go viral. One of her best-known clips is when she "played 'Nonsense' for a lamp."

For those who have never seen the video, Sabrina Carpenter sits beside a lamp and plays her hit song, "Nonsense," in the background. She hilariously makes the lamp move to the beat of the track while giving commentary.

"THE LAMP MOVING TO THE BEAT," one of her fans wrote, adding three skull emojis.

"Please i also laugh at this but can't understand what this means," another wrote, adding laughing emojis.

"This is my humor," a third said.

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Sabrina Carpenter Achieves Her First #1 Hit on the Global Spotify Charts

Sabrina Carpenter singing on stage

As she continues to gain fans and popularity, she is also making history. Sabrina Carpenter's hit single, "Espresso," continues to top the charts, even becoming her first number one on the global Spotify charts in April.

"Now he's thinkin' 'bout me every night, oh / Is it that sweet? I guess so / Say you can't sleep, baby, I know / That's that me, espresso / Move it up, down, left, right, oh / Switch it up like Nintendo / Say you can't sleep, baby, I know / That's that me, espresso," she sings in the song.

While the lyrics are catchy, many have wondered what the song actually means.

"There was something really exciting about the fact that there was so much personality throughout the entire song because those are the ones that are really, really fun to sing live with a crowd," she said in an interview with Apple Music. "Those are the ones that people, I think when they don't know my music or who I am or anything, they can just tune in to a single song and kind of leave with a better idea of my sense of humor."

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'Espresso' Takes The Internet By Storm

Sabrina Carpenter at the Variety 2023 Power Of Young Hollywood Celebration

Of course, the most popular part of the song is the verse where she sings: "I'm working late 'cause I'm a singer / Oh, he looks so cute wrapped around my finger / My twisted humor, make him laugh so often / My honey bee, come and get this pollen."

When talking about her latest hit, Sabrina told Apple Music, "This was one of those times in my life where it was just like, I just thought I was the sh-t in the moment. And I think you don't always feel that way, so you kind of have to capture those moments that you do because that's how you find those little."

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