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Paige VanZant In A Cheeky Neon Pink Bikini Hints At Her 'Secret'

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By Alisan Duran on June 18, 2024 at 9:30 AM EDT

Paige VanZant, the former UFC star turned Bare Knuckle boxer and OnlyFans personality, is set to unveil a tantalizing "secret" to her Instagram followers this Wednesday, June 19th.

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Paige VanZant Exceeds The Limits Of Imagination With Her Cheeky Display

In a bid to heighten anticipation, the MMA fighter shared a series of captivating photos as part of her announcement. VanZant was seen donning a daring neon pink bikini that left little to the imagination, featuring a thong design that accentuated her cheeky behind and showcased her toned physique.

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Pretty In Neon Pink

The photos captured VanZant confidently holding her bike by the swimming pool, exuding both strength and allure against the backdrop of a sunny day.

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Fans Get Excited

VanZant's strategic teaser not only stirred excitement among her fanbase but also highlighted her ability to command attention with her bold fashion choices and charismatic presence on social media. As the countdown to her revelation continues, followers eagerly await to uncover the "secret" that VanZant promises to unveil in the coming days.

VanZant's recent bikini snaps sparked a diverse range of reactions in the comments section, showcasing the impact of her bold posts on her audience.

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Mix Reactions

While many fans praised her stunning appearance and confidence, showering her with compliments and emojis, others expressed curiosity about the "secret" she teased. Some followers eagerly speculated about what the announcement could entail, adding to the anticipation surrounding her upcoming reveal.

Additionally, a few commenters admired VanZant's fitness and athleticism, noting how her physique is a testament to her dedication to training and her transition from MMA to bare-knuckle boxing.

One person wrote, "Secret is out! You are a hottie," while another remarked, "You know how to promote yourself! This is why you are the queen of OF!"

A third user added, "Your secret is you can't box anymore."

The fourth commenter expressed, "Doing this but has no skill in boxing got drop Elle Brooke."

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What Happened To The Fight Between Paige VanZant Vs. Elle Brooke

Misfits Boxing women's middleweight champion Elle Brooke successfully defended her title in a thrilling bout against former UFC star Paige VanZant.

VanZant made her debut in the Misfits Boxing arena, but her entry into the ring was met with an immediate challenge as Brooke knocked her down in the first round. This early setback put VanZant on the defensive right from the start of the match.

Despite her early advantage, Brooke failed to capitalize on the opportunity to secure an early victory over VanZant.

The fight between Brooke, the Misfits Boxing women's middleweight champion, and VanZant, the former UFC star making her debut, went the full five rounds. Ultimately, the judges ruled the contest a draw when the final bell rang, highlighting the competitive nature of the bout and the resilience of both fighters throughout the match.

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