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Gymnast McKayla Maroney In Braless Car Ride Welcomes 'New Adventures'

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By Evie Scott on June 17, 2024 at 11:00 AM EDT

McKayla Maroney kept her gaze foxy as she snapped a car selfie to eye up the first month of fall in 2021. Posting to Instagram as she highlighted her figure from her vehicle, the 28-year-old Olympic gymnast wrote that she was "ready for some new adventures," gaining likes for the update and for showcasing her curves in a plunging dress. Admitting she was shocked that summer was already over, McKayla welcomed September with gusto, although fans don't seem to care why McKayla is posting — they only want to see her. Alongside earning a like from fellow Olympian Nastia Liukin, McKayla and her photo nabbed over 94,000 likes.

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McKayla Maroney Stuns Braless In Her Car

Scroll for the photo. Keeping things simple, McKayla snapped her car selfie in a deep-cut, braless black dress with a sleeveless finish. Flashing her slender shoulders and toned arms, the California native dipped her chin a little as she raised one arm to hold her phone, smiling softly and sending the camera a deep gaze.

Posing from black leather seats and showing off both a necklace she's since thrown out and a full face of glam, McKayla stunned with lightweight, dewy foundation and cheek highlighter, also dabbing some blush onto her cheekbones as she lifted her features and wore hoop earrings.

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A lick of mascara and brow definition completed the look as McKayla rocked a glossy lip, with a caption reading: "Can’t believe tomorrow’s September 1st, but I’m ready for some new adventures."

McKayla Maroney's 1.3 million followers are now used to seeing edited captions in nearly all photos featuring the pendant gold necklace she wore in this selfie. "**Edit caption: I don’t wear this necklace anymore. I threw it out, along with a lot of other new age things. At the time I thought it was “angelic” and of God, and “spiritual protection” but I was wrong. It was the opposite of that, and I’ve repented for all of it. Jesus is the only spiritual protection we need," the former GEICO ambassador wrote.

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Stunning In Skimpy Sundress

McKayla can easily rock edgy leathers and thigh-highs, but the brunette is also a girly girl. In March 2022, she slipped her curves into this too-cute sundress, rocking a white and yellow minidress in check prints and heading into the street for her photo. Revealing the reason for her setting in her caption, she wrote:

"Best lightings in the middle of the street. I don’t make the rules." Once again, the caption was edited to outline the whole necklace situation.

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All Curves In Peephole Dress

McKayla Maroney's net worth is estimated at between $3 million and $6 million. In the above photo, she showed off yet another stylish look, rocking a ribbed, figure-hugging dress in chocolate brown. She even went fun with a chest peephole!

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