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Millie Bobby Brown Shows Off Her Tight Body In A Little Lilac Bikini

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By Alisan Duran on June 17, 2024 at 10:00 AM EDT

Millie Bobby Brown has been the sunny days. In her recent sizzling shares on Instagram, the actress showcased two bikini looks.

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Millie Bobby Brown Blows Instagram Away In Her Swimsuit

On April 27, Brown, 20, treated her followers to a behind-the-scenes glimpse with a "get ready with me" reel on Instagram. In the video, she effortlessly styled herself in a charming lilac bikini and paired it with chic light-wash denim shorts from her fashion line, Florence by Mills.

Adding a touch of personal flair, she adorned herself with a delicate gold bubble letter "M" necklace.

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She's 'Pool-Ready'

As she prepared for some poolside relaxation, Taylor Swift’s upbeat song "Glitch" provided the perfect soundtrack, complementing the sunny and carefree atmosphere of her post.

“Pool ready,” she captioned the post, hinting at her excitement for enjoying some leisurely time by the water.

In the video, Brown completed her makeup routine by meticulously applying pink lip liner and a matching lip oil from her brand’s beauty collection. With her expertise evident, she left her luscious brown hair cascading down in gentle waves, adding a final touch of effortless glamour to her summer-ready look.

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Pretty In Pink

In another post, Brown treated her followers to another snapshot, showcasing her in a stylish pink and gold bikini top from Bananhot. Captioned "Vacay in my flo denim," the post highlighted her pairing of the swimsuit with denim shorts from her brand in a medium wash.

Completing her beach-ready ensemble, she accessorized with oversized sunglasses by Tom Ford, her signature M monogram necklace, a delicate pearl choker, and hoop earrings.

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Launching Florence By Mills

At the beginning of the year, Brown introduced Florence by Mills' fashion line, marking a significant expansion of her brand. In an interview with Elle at the time, she discussed her motivation for venturing into fashion, highlighting the desire to broaden the brand's appeal and offer her audience more ways to express themselves through style.

"I never thought I'd explore much with Florence, but the more I moved, I thought, 'Oh my gosh, I can do anything I put my mind to,'" the actress shared. "Anything that feels authentic to me, I can create for people that are like me. Whatever I want or whatever crosses my mind during the day, I think maybe somebody else is thinking too, and if I can create that and be that outlet, that's very rewarding."

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Why She Created The Fashion Line

Millie Bobby Brown

Brown continued, "[When Stranger Things took off,] I was 10," adding, "I was going to these events and ceremonies, and all these big fashion brands wanted to style me. I didn't know what my personal style was, and the only time I got dressed, other than for ceremonies, was to go to work. As I got older, I was like, 'What is my personal style?' A lot of my friends already knew [their styles], but I didn't know mine. For me, fashion has always been ever-evolving. It's fluid, and I wanted to create something so that girls going through that similar experience have a resource to be able to try innovative new outfits and styles and phases. I wanted to be able to create something that was accessible to my generation, to my demographic so that when they go into a store, they feel like they have that one corner -- even if it’s a corner in the back -- that they have what they're looking for, and they're able to afford it."

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