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Kendall Jenner In String Bikini In The Snow Told She Lacks 'Dignity'

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By Evie Scott on June 16, 2024 at 4:30 PM EDT

Kendall Jenner may have gained over 12,000 likes for stripping down to swimwear in deep snow on Instagram, but not everyone seeing her January 2022 share approved. While die-hard fans of the supermodel showered her with love on social media, those seeing the press-circulated images were raising eyebrows. Kendall, known for her love of micro swimwear, stunned in a minuscule black bikini, wearing only her two-piece and massive pair of boots while enjoying a vacation in Aspen, CO. Unfortunately for the model, users on The Daily Mail felt that the post reeked of desperation.

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Kendall Jenner Wows In Bikini In Deep Snow

Scroll for the photos. Proving she'll rock swimwear regardless of the weather, Kendall sizzled as she stood amid a fresh blanketing of snow. Highlighting her endless-long legs, curvy waistline, and rock-hard abs, the reality star also flashed her cleavage in her plunging bikini, one boasting super-thin straps that drew the eye to her gym-honed shoulders.

Adding in a huge pair of knee-high boots in fur, Kendall rocked shades and her hair down, with a swipe right showing her clambering around the challenging snow and laughing.

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Even peeping her toned buns as she braved thong bottoms, Kendall nailed the whole "bikini bombshell in the snow" vibe, gaining likes from stars including sister Kylie Jenner and fellow supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski. Feedback over on The Daily Mail was just as icy as the snow, though. While the top comment saw a user deeming Kendall Jenner's bikini "nasty," others were equally brutal.

"Desperate for attention," a popular reply read. "What is the point in wearing a bikini? I mean you can nearly see what she's had for her dinner," a further user wrote, with another stating: "When money is more important than dignity." Fortunately, not all replies were negative, with one user calling the 818 tequila founder "so fine."

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All-American Babe In Tight Striped Top

The above photo was shared to Kendall's Instagram as she promoted American designer Tommy Hilfiger. Looking classy in a nautical, skintight top in stripes, the 28-year-old wowed with her gorgeous smile, sending out high-end backyard vibes as she plugged the hip brand.

“I’ve known Kendall and her family for years, and it has been remarkable to watch her rise through the fashion world,” Tommy Hilfiger has stated of Jenner. “Kendall embraces friendships as family, radiating optimism and warmth, not only in her style but also in the way she connects with people," he added.

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Topless Selfie Stuns Fans

Kendall Jenner, whose net worth is estimated at $60 million, doesn't always post in promo mode. This May Instagram selfie came for free, delighting fans as the brunette shared a wet-haired, tasteful photo of herself while topless.

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