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Tom Brady Reportedly Refuses To Take 'Blame' For Gisele Bundchen's Breakup With Joaquim Valente

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By Favour Adegoke on June 15, 2024 at 7:45 PM EDT
Updated on June 16, 2024 at 12:06 PM EDT

Tom Brady is rejecting Gisele Bundchen's alleged claim that his infamous Netflix roast was a major factor in her breakup with Joaquim Valente.

The NFL legend reportedly insists that it is unfair to blame him, although Bundchen's romance was the butt of several jokes at his roast.

An insider in Brady's team has further claimed that Bundchen and Valente were already at odds before the roast because of the negative spotlight.

Tom Brady has since said that he regrets doing the Netflix roast because of how it negatively affected his and Gisele Bundchen's children.

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Tom Brady Does Not Believe His Netflix Roast Caused Gisele Bundchen's Split From Joaquim Valente

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady

Brady does not believe he should be blamed for his ex-wife, Bundchen's split from her jiu-jitsu instructor boyfriend. Following news of the duo's breakup, an insider revealed that Bundchen believes Brady's infamous Netflix roast was the major cause of her and Valente's split.

However, according to the Daily Mail, a source in Brady's team has responded, saying that Bundchen blaming him is a "total cop out" and he never wanted to "sabotage" the supermodel.

The source said, "Tom feels like he should take no blame for Gisele's relationship successes or struggles. He is away from it and isn't trying to sabotage anything."

They emphasized that Brady doesn't think it's fair to blame him because disrupting her life "serves him nothing."

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They added, "At the end of the day, everyone is an adult and you're going to have to deal with relationships, whether they go good or bad by taking it day by day."

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Gisele Bundchen And Joaquim Valente Allegedly Called It Quits On Their Relationship

Gisele Bündchen Enjoys Carnival At Camarote Brahma Nº1

Earlier this week, InTouch Weekly claimed that Bundchen and Valente had split after about 12 months together.

A source revealed to the publication that the jiu-jitsu trainer couldn't handle the attention from his romance with the supermodel.

They said, "The spotlight was too much for him. Joaquim's a regular guy. He's not used to all the attention he was getting."

"Joaquim became part of the joke. People actually started asking him if he was the reason for their divorce. He hated that," the source added.

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The Supermodel Allegedly 'Blames' Tom Brady's Netflix Roast

Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady

The source further shared that Bundchen firmly believes that Brady's roast played a role in ending her relationship.

They said, "She blames the break on Tom. By agreeing to do the roast, he basically put a target on Joaquim's back."

The jokes made at Brady's roast mentioned Bundchen and Valente multiple times.

One from comedian Nikki Glaser read, "How much would it suck for Tom... omg, just knowing your ex-wife's new boyfriend could beat your a-- while eating hers."

She also said, "Tom, the only thing dumber than you saying "yes" to this roast was when you said, "Hey babe, you should try jiu-jitsu."

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Gisele Bundchen 'Has Been Stressed' Trying To Make It Work With Joaquim Valente

Gisele Bündchen And Tom Brady smiling

An insider alleged that Bundchen was already "stressed" about her relationship with Valente before Brady's roast.

They said that the supermodel and Valente were struggling to keep their relationship because the jiu-jitsu instructor couldn't handle the spotlight and attention that came with dating her.

The source said, "Gisele has been stressed for a long time trying to make it work with Joaquim, and as time has gone by he has struggled with the attention on them."

"He expected some – but people talking about how he ruined a marriage and everything else that was mentioned on the roast has profoundly affected him," they added, per the Daily Mail.

Tom Brady Regrets Doing The Netflix Roast

Tom Brady at the Los Angeles Premiere Screening Of Paramount Pictures' '80 For Brady'

Shortly after the Netflix roast aired, Brady shared that he regretted agreeing to do the special. During an interview on "The Pivot" podcast, the sporting icon said his regrets were because of how the jokes on the roast affected his kids.

He said, "I loved when the jokes were about me, I thought they were so fun. I didn't like the way that affected my kids."

Brady further shared that he realized he had not properly considered how the roast would affect his family.

He added, "You don't see the full picture all of the time. It's a good lesson for me as a parent. I'm going to be a better parent as I go forward because of it. At the same time, I'm happy everyone who was there had a lot of fun."

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