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Addison Rae Gives A Cheeky View In Her Denim Bikini With Ruffles

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By Alisan Duran on June 14, 2024 at 9:30 AM EDT

Addison Rae, the TikTok star, delighted her followers with a captivating display on Thursday, revealing fresh glamour shots on Instagram.

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Addison Rae Blesses Instagram With A Rear View

The 23-year-old actress, known for her roles in "He's Into Her" and "The Thanksgiving," exuded summer vibes as she flaunted her figure in a daring denim bikini, showcasing her backside.

Captured in the intimate setting of her bedroom mirror, she offered her vast following of 35.2 million a detailed glimpse at the ensemble's intricate features.

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Baring Plenty Of Skin In A Denim Bikini

The outfit Addison flaunted included a classic triangle top matched with thong-style bottoms featuring charming light pink ruffle trim, adding a touch of femininity to her beach-ready look.

In the photo, the 23-year-old chose to go without makeup, enhancing her natural beauty. She held her iPhone in a way that covered half of her face, creating a candid and personal atmosphere in the bedroom setting. This simple yet intimate pose allowed her followers to admire not just her stylish attire but also her relaxed, authentic demeanor.

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Abs On Display

In a subsequent, slightly blurred snapshot, Addison showcased her toned abs while modeling a vibrant orange sports bra. She paired the bra with low-slung blue spandex shorts, casually crossing her sun-kissed legs for the photo.

Her brunette hair was parted down the middle, with one side tucked behind her ear, framing her relaxed and confident expression. Observant fans noted a white bandage wrapped around one thigh, adding a subtle intrigue to the image.

The photo, taken by a friend using a digital camera, also captured Addison's companion in the background. She later added a close-up selfie featuring both herself and her friend, both looking off to the side and highlighting their expressive pouts.

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In the final slide of her Instagram slideshow, Addison shared a photo focused solely on her legs, dressed in white mesh shorts layered over black fishnet leggings, showcasing her stylish flair.

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Fans Praise Addison Rae

Accompanying the carousel of photos was Addison's caption, "Don't ask too many questions," shared with her massive following of 35.2 million followers. The post quickly gained traction, amassing over 500,000 likes as fans flooded the comments with enthusiastic support.

"You're just living this life," remarked one follower, encapsulating the admiration for Addison's lifestyle and fashion choices.

Another admirer added, "She ate once again," while the third person noted, "Oh she's just so gorgeous!"

A different fan eagerly urged Addison to release more music, a sentiment echoing the desire for new material following her debut EP release less than a year prior.

Fangirling Over Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

In an earlier interview with People, Addison disclosed her decision to independently release her EP titled AR in August 2023, driven by the leak of two tracks beforehand. Her proactive approach to her music career continues to resonate with her dedicated fan base, who eagerly await her next creative ventures.

Addison revealed that one of her songs, "Nothing On (But the Radio)," had been previously recorded by Lady Gaga over a decade ago but never officially released. Speaking with the publication in February, Addison expressed her admiration for the pop star, calling herself the singer's biggest fan and praising her as a trailblazer in pop music and experimentation.

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"I would love to know if she heard it," Addison shared about her version of the song. "It's such a different version than hers, so it would be interesting [to know] what she thinks."

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