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Chris Brown Visibly Displeased Following Tour Air Stunt Mishap

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By Afouda Bamidele on June 13, 2024 at 12:15 PM EDT
Updated on June 13, 2024 at 12:16 PM EDT

Chris Brown's latest concert is going viral thanks to a hilarious hiccup that upset the singer.

The R&B star recently experienced an unexpected stage mishap that left him stranded in mid-air. Although he was saved, backstage operators took a few minutes to realize something went wrong, hence Breezy's foul mood.

This is not the only wild moment Chris Brown's "The 11:11 Tour" has experienced since it started in early June.

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Chris Brown Hangs Mid-Air While Trying To Signal For Help

Chris Brown performing at the WGCI Big Jam Concert in Chicago

On Wednesday night, Brown graced the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, as the next stop on his tour. However, the performance of his hit song "Under the Influence" did not go as planned.

As seen in a viral video on TikTok, the singer was suspended in the air, several feet above the stage, when the wires he was gliding on got stuck. Brown handled the malfunction professionally, singing along to the music while trying to signal staff about the problem.

At one point, he appeared exasperated as the wires spun him around, but he refused to stop performing. It was unclear when the staff realized something was wrong; however, in the footage, they appeared unaware of Brown's signals.

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"He was [definitely] trying to signal he was stuck," the fan who posted the video wrote, earning similar responses from other TikTok users.

"I like how he's just hanging there like an angry fairy," someone chimed, while another noted: "I would've been like "I'm really stuck up hereeee....please save meeeee."

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Brown Did Not Stop The Show To Ask For Help

Brown did not stop the concert to ask for help, choosing to keep hanging mid-air until backstage operators realized he was stuck. In the second video of the incident, staff were finally aware of his predicament, and three men rushed to the stage with a ladder.

While they rescued him, the 35-year-old kept entertaining the crowd by singing. However, his tune changed once he was free from the wires as he turned his back to the crowd and seemed to scold one of the men who helped him.

It was unclear what was said, but judging by Brown's facial expression, it could not have been pleasantries. Following the heated exchange, the R&B star continued his performance while the crowd cheered.

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The fan responsible for the upload supported Brown's reaction, writing, "This man was hanging for a long ass time before anyone realized he was stuck."

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Fans React To Brown's Displeased Expression

The second video's comment section received similar sentiments to its caption, with one TikTok user applauding Brown's demeanor. "He handled it SO professionally," the individual wrote.

"And still singing, never missed a beat! My guy," another supporter echoed, while a third observed: "He was mad, but he continued. That's an ICON!!" More TikTok users praised Brown, with a fan writing:

"The fact he had a mic and still didn't even tell them 'hello, I'm stuck' cuz he didn't want no one to freak out."

Meanwhile, others turned into lip-reading detectives and shared their theories about what Brown said to the staff. "He definitely said 'I'm on yo ahh' that man fired," someone claimed. "Okay, okay, I have watched it enough times. I think he yelled, 'Open Your Eyes,'" another lip-reader pointed out.

A Fan Called Of Their Engagement For The R&B Singer

Chris Brown was seen at 'The Nice Guy' bar in West Hollywood, CA

As stated, the stage malfunction was not the only wild moment on Brown's "11:11 Tour" as something unbelievable happened a few days earlier. On Sunday, June 9, a fan revealed they had called off their engagement to see him perform live.

The video of the shocking moment captured Brown's reaction to the concertgoer's confession. "That's crazy," he exclaimed, per Rap-Up, before adding, "I love you, though. I appreciate it."

Before this broken engagement, Brown's tour made waves for other wild moments, including the "Sensational" singer's kiss with a fan at his meet and greet. Fellow artist Maeta, who appeared as a supporting act at one of his shows, also caused a stir by breaking her heel backstage.

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Chris Brown Was Ordered To Compensate A Backup Dancer

Chris Brown at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy

Two months before his tour started, The Blast reported that Brown had been ordered to pay over $10,000 in damages to a backup dancer. Danielle Griffin sued the singer in 2019, alleging she was injured during a music video shoot.

The backup dancer claimed the wardrobe and makeup artist hired by Brown and other defendants responsible for the shoot "carelessly poured fake liquid blood on her head without eye protection," despite assuring her of the substance's safety.

Five years later, a default judgment made by the court ordered Brown to pay Griffin $14,977.95 — $11,411 in damages and $3,566.95 in costs. The amount significantly differed from the dancer's initial request for over $25,000.

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