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Jennifer Aniston Shamed For Braless Bathroom Display In 'Thin' Top

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By Evie Scott on June 13, 2024 at 6:30 AM EDT
Updated on June 13, 2024 at 6:31 AM EDT

Jennifer Aniston was busy talking about her LolaVie haircare brand in her April 30 Instagram video, but users seemed more interested in discussing her braless look. Taking to the platform to introduce the new Sculpting Paste from her 2021-founded brand, the 55-year-old walked fans through the product she'd just launched, chatting away from her swanky marbled bathroom and looking as stylish as ever. Outfitted in dark pants and a skintight white top deemed "thin" by The Daily Mail, Jennifer showed off her age-defying looks as she dished a few secrets on achieving her iconic hair, but it looks like the no-bra affair has taken over.

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Jennifer Aniston Stuns Braless In Bathroom Promo

Scroll for the video. Giving her followers a walk-through on how to use The Sculpting Paste, Jen kicked off leaning over a vein marble countertop set up with neat rows of LolaVie products. "This is our little family, we've got our Leave-in Conditioner," the sitcom star began, then listing the "detangler," "shampoo and conditioner," and "hair oil." Jen quickly moved on to the "other addition," one getting its debut.

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Shoving a small bottle of the "hair paste" toward the camera before rubbing it into her hands and through her hair, Jennifer Aniston put on a perky display as she freed the nipple, also showing off her 2024-revamped "Rachel" haircut, one debuted at this year's Golden Globes. Fans got the finished product, too, as Aniston showed off her gorgeous, layered long bob.

"@lolavie has a new addition to the fam and I’m so excited about this one! It’s taken over a year to get it just right and ALL my friends have used every one of my samples for the past year and are LOVING it. I hope you do too!! With love 🫶🏼introducing…. The Sculpting Paste!" the actress wrote.

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Critiqued For Going Braless

It looks like fans couldn't help themselves. While one replied that "Jennifer must always be cold," another was more positive, replying: "The nips are giving Rachel Green... she's back in her Friends era for sure."

It was over on The Daily Mail, though, that the A-lister wound up properly shamed. Piggy-backing off the outlet's "very perky display" headline, a popular reply read: "She knows that this is an issue but yet she keeps doing it. Very sad."

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Told 'Try To Have Some Gracefulness'

Also bullying The Morning Show star was a user saying:

"For heaven's sake, you're a woman in your fifties. Try to have some gracefulness and charm about you. You're not a 20yo co-ed in a spring break wet t-shirt contest." Jennifer Aniston, whose net worth is $320 million, is still having the last laugh, though. With younger stars including Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus championing the braless look, it could also be argued that this Hollywood face gets to call OG on rocking the braless trend.

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