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Paige Spiranac In Plunging Top Shows 'Effort' In Hot Dog Eating Competition

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By Evie Scott on June 12, 2024 at 8:30 PM EDT

Paige Spiranac proved she'll dip her toes into a sport that technically isn't her domain today. Making headlines for her July 12 X share, the 31-year-old former pro golfer got competitive as she gobbled hot dogs against the clock, also turning heads for doing the whole thing in a plunging top. Offering to fill in for competitive eater Joey Chestnut, now banned from the July 4th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Paige stepped up to the plate, and quite literally. Sharing footage of herself braving a massive pile of hot dogs, the former pro golfer worked her way through them like a champ, even feeding her dog with a hot dog at the end. Fans seemed impressed, with one noting how much "effort" she'd put in.

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Paige Spiranac Goes Hot Dog Champ

Scroll for the video. Filmed outdoors as she rocked a sexy, trendy look, Paige flashed her massive cleavage in a knotted blue crop top with white star prints and a hanging bust detail. Keeping summery in denim shorts as she showed off her figure, the Instagram sensation told fans that she'd found the footage as "proof," then asking if she should enter the famous Fourth of July contest.

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"Okay, so I have my timer," Paige Spiranac began as she stood in a backyard space and by a table with a "USA" cloth on it. Adding: "We're gonna go for this" as she gave herself a ten-second countdown, the blonde quickly got to work, using a technique she said that she's learned is common.

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Says The Bread Is 'So Dense'

Taking the dogs out of their buns and eating them "together" to make the whole process faster, Paige began wolfing down the hot snacks with sips of water in between them, pausing here and there as her body adapted to the massive amount of food coming in.

Paige even said that the bread is "so dense" as she had three minutes of the total ten left. "I have found the video proof. And I lied it was only 6 hotdogs and not 6.5. I might have to try again this July 4th. Thoughts?" she wrote in a caption.

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Hot Dogs And Bikini!

This wouldn't be the first time that Paige has featured hot dogs on her social media. The Colorado-born star, who is followed by 4 million on Instagram, updated her account last summer with the above video. Rocking a star-spangled bikini as she flaunted her eye-popping curves, Paige kicked back at a table and chair setup, chowing down on a hot dog and going all-American in her cowboy hat. She even threw in a beer! Paige Spiranac has a reported net worth of $3 million.

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