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Veronika Rajek In Suspender Underwear Is 'Looking For A Man'

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By Evie Scott on June 12, 2024 at 9:30 PM EDT

Veronika Rajek today proved that she's on top of the latest trends. Alongside stunning her 7 million Instagram followers in a plunging undies and suspenders getup, the bikini bombshell shouted out the viral "finance bro" TikTok trend as she said she's "looking for a man." Accompanying her video with the "Finance, trust fund, 6'5'', blue eyes" text made viral by Australian content producer Megan Boni, Veronika likely had male fans going wild, although that's nothing new for the former Miss Slovakia. Her video racked up over 70,000 likes in just three hours.

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Veronika Rajek Drops Jaws In Plunging Undies

Scroll for the video. Strutting around a hallway as she continues to enjoy her Europe travels this summer, Veronika wowed in a busty blue bra with matching briefs and blue feather detailing around the shoulders and waist. Flaunting her eye-popping cleavage and washboard stomach, the Alo Yoga partner also highlighted her mile-long legs, wearing matching suspenders and high heels as she nailed the bombshell look.

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Accentuating her ample chest with snaking chains as she wore both her Christian Dior pearl necklace and trademark Star of David one, Veronika Rajek kept glam with a huge pair of pearl earrings, ones she revealed after brushing her blonde locks behind her ear. Showing off her gorgeous features as she wore matte makeup with dark lipstick, the stunner injected plenty of giftext, using the exact words made famous by 26-year-old Megan, a.k.a. @@girl_on_couch online.

"It is what it is, DM me," she wrote in a caption. While the TikTok has revamped the formerly unpopular opinion on finance bros, it was likely the "I'm looking for a man" that caught the eye for Veronika's fans.

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Yellow Undies To Welcome Summer

Veronika gained over 140,000 likes for the above selfies, ones posted to her Instagram just under a week ago. Sizzling in bright yellow undies for a revealing display, the Fashion Nova face flashed her fierce cleavage as she welcomed summer, using a sunshine emoji as she told fans that their "summer" has "landed." Marking her presence in Italy as she kicked off her summer vacation, Veronika added a pizza emoji to honor the country hosting her.

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What She Really Thinks About Men

Veronika Rajek, whose net worth sits at $900,000-$1 million, has spoken candidly about her views on relationships.

"A lot of my girls my age expect men of the same age to be millionaires or have a mansion. Girls are giving young men such huge pressure; they want this bag or that car," she's stated. "This is not how you build healthy relationships; this is not how you grow together. You can't expect man to slave away for you. Women have to ask themselves, what are they bringing to the table, what are they offering?" Rajek continued.

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