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Reason Behind Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck's Decision To Sell $60M Marital Mansion Revealed

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By Favour Adegoke on June 12, 2024 at 1:15 PM EDT
Updated on June 12, 2024 at 1:19 PM EDT

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly parting ways with their opulent $60 million Los Angeles mansion after they "quietly" listed it on the market, and the reason for their decision has now been disclosed.

A source close to Lopez revealed that Affleck has not always liked the property because of its distance from his kids, whom he co-parents with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. The "Argo" actor has since moved into a $100,000-a-month Brentwood rental near Garner.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage has come under scrutiny recently due to divorce rumors plaguing the couple.

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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Allegedly 'Never Liked' Their $60M Marital Mansion

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at their hotel in New York City

The Hollywood stars spent months searching for the palatial home and reportedly checked out 80 properties after tying the knot in 2022 before settling for the Beverly Hills behemoth.

As rumors of marital discord swirl around the couple, TMZ reported that they "quietly" hired realtor Santiago Arana from The Agency to sell the property.

The reason for their decision to sell the property has now been revealed. An insider told People magazine that Affleck and Lopez didn't like it because of its distance from his kids and its huge size.

"Ben never liked the house. It's too far away from his kids," a source close to Lopez shared, adding that the "Love Dont Cost A Thing" singer also thought that "the house is way too big for her.

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Fears Mount Over Ben Affleck's 'Drinking Problem'

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are in Paris with kids

According to the Daily Mail, concerns have been raised that Affleck has fallen off the wagon and is drinking again as he and Lopez seemingly move toward a divorce.

The actor is said to be suffering "acute sadness" amid his rumored marital woes and has seemingly turned to the bottle again to help him cope.

A source said that he is either "at risk" or has already relapsed, while another claimed that they've "seen him looking glassy-eyed, and it is a real worry to everyone who cares about him."

One source said, "I hear that he is drinking. He is full of demons – a really troubled person."

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Jennifer Lopez's Family Are Allegedly 'Against' Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and husband Ben Affleck arrive at the World Premiere Of Amazon Studios' 'Air'

Amid the divorce speculations, rumors have also surfaced suggesting that Lopez's family has turned against him despite their involvement in his rekindled romance with the singer.

A source said, "I understand that he has checked out of the marriage but she has yet to accept the truth of the situation and thinks that with therapy they might make it."

"It is made all the more difficult by the fact that we are dealing here with the emotions of the five children they have between them," the source continued.

They added, "The reasons why it hasn't worked out are many but when you lose J.Lo's family, you lose J.Lo. Her mum and her sisters are against him, and Benny [Medina] is also."

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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez 'Living Separate Lives'

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck
Instagram | Jennifer Lopez

Affleck and Lopez are gearing up to celebrate their second wedding anniversary next month, but a shadow of doubt has now been cast over the celebration.

Earlier reports suggest Affleck has "come to his senses" about their romance and has accepted that the marriage "isn't going to work."

Although they've been spotted wearing their wedding bands and hanging out with family in recent times, the embattled couple have unofficially started moving on from each other as a source told Entertainment Tonight that they've been "living separate lives," but they're "not officially separated yet."

"At this point, they are just doing their own thing," the insider told the news outlet. "They went into their relationship very optimistic and thought things could change, but they haven't."

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The source added that Lopez "is touring houses and shopping around for her own home," while Affleck has since relocated to a  $100,000-a-month Brentwood home, which is located near his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

The Couple Has Turned To Family And Friends For Support

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Premiere of 'The Last Duel' during the 78th Venice Film Festival at Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido in Venice, Italy,

According to ET, the "Gone Girl" actor and the "Jenny From The Block" singer are reportedly leaning on their loved ones for support as they navigate a difficult period in their lives.

A source told the news outlet that Lopez "has been leaning on her mom, sisters, and kids during this transitional period." The 54-year-old multi-talented entertainer has two sisters, Lynda and Leslie Ann, and shares twins Emme and Max with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony.

On the other hand, Affleck is understood to have turned to his old friend Matt Damon and his family members to help him through this tough spot.

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"Ben is sad about it all but focused on his work, being a great dad, and co-parenting well with Jennifer Garner," the source added. "He has been leaning on Matt Damon and his close circle of guy friends. Matt is always in Ben's corner and is supportive of him."

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