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Geena Davis' Estranged Husband(?) Wants Nearly a Million Dollars From Her to Fight Divorce Battle

By Daniel Goldblatt

Geena Davis' ex needs a lot of money to wage war against her as she tries to declare their marriage was never real and he wants her to foot the bill.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Reza Jarrahy filed a request this week for attorneys' fees and costs in their ongoing case.

For starters, Jarrahy wants $560,000 for his lawyers, Kolodny Law Group, for costs incurred from May 2018 through May 2019. He's also asking for $150,000 to cover the costs of an upcoming trial.

Then he needs $80,000 for expert's fees incurred so far and another $25,000 for the same expert for the trial.

Lastly, Jarrahy needs $82,000 to cover forensic accounting fees.

All total, he's looking for $897,000 from Davis and he wants the money sent directly to his attorneys.

Jarrahy cites a "disparity in the parties' access to funds" and Davis' "substantial greater wealth" as his reasons that she should be made to cough up the money.

A judge has yet to rule.

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As The Blast first reported, after Jarrahy filed for divorce in May 2018, Davis responded in September 2018 by claiming the couple was never legally married.

Davis claimed she and Jarrahy "knowingly and voluntarily chose to have a marriage-like ceremony, fully aware that it was not legally binding."

She said the couple had every opportunity to get a marriage license but chose not to.

Davis claimed that both she and Jarrahy always filed their taxes as "single." She says they always kept their finances separate and "never had a joint checking or savings account, never had a joint retirement account" and never owned property together.

Jarrahy responded to her claim by saying they did not get a license or file taxes together as "a financial strategy orchestrated by Geena and her business manager." He claimed they told him that "identifying as 'not married' would benefit Geena's tax burden" and that his taxes were done by them.

As far as the marriage license, Reza claimed it was the "Beetlejuice" star's idea not to get a marriage license because she was adamant that no press would find out about their wedding day. Any application would tip the press off about an imminent wedding ceremony.

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