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Kim Kardashian Recalls How Her Ex Publicist Did Not Believe In Her: 'Set Realistic Goals'

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By Afouda Bamidele on June 5, 2024 at 4:05 PM EDT
Updated on June 5, 2024 at 4:07 PM EDT

Kim Kardashian is opening up about how a former publicist tried to squash her dreams!

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" alum recently sat down with actress Chloë Sevigny for an emotional episode of Variety's Actors on Actors series. The women bond over their shared love for Ryan Murphy, the pros and cons of fame, and adopting new accents.

While Kim Kardashian is well-known for her confidence, she did not attain her indestructible self-assurance without a few challenges.

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Kim Kardashian Reflects On Her Role As A Publicist In 'American Horror Story: Delicate'

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The video of Kardashian's discussion with Sevigny was shared on YouTube, capturing the reality TV queen addressing her role as Siobhan in Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story: Delicate."

She played the part of a personal publicist with a double identity as a witch with ties to Satan — a character that hit close to home on her acting journey (not the evil magic part, of course).

On the subject of her preparations for the role, Sevign asked if Kardashian had worked with several publicists in her career or if she had been dedicated to one person. Surprisingly, the confident reality TV star revealed a former publicist didn't believe in her skills.

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"I've had two. One always told me to be more realistic about my goals and always just didn't believe in me. And so she asked me one time when I was in her office, like, 'Oh, well, what's your goal? Like, what where do you see yourself?'" The 43-year-old recalled.

"And I really didn't know, but there was some magazines, and there was like a Cosmo magazine, and it was like at the beginning. And I just said, 'I don't know, I'd love to be on a magazine like that,'" Kardashian continued, noting her publicist replied: "'Oh, no, no. We need some realistic goals.'"[sic]

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The Billionaire Actress Gained Confidence Following The Publicist Incident

Having a publicist who didn't believe in her abilities didn't break Kardashian but opened the door to attaining her famous image. "And so once I got a little bit of confidence, I and figured out what I wanted to do. I just changed," she revealed.

As for the type of people she worked with today, Kardashian noted that she enjoyed keeping the same time around her. "I always kind of if I could have everyone for a lifetime, I would.I just love the consistency in working with the same people," she confessed.

Despite being comfortable with the people she knew, the 43-year-old noted that she didn't mind working with new artists, especially during photoshoots.

"When I'm working on a shoot, especially a still photography shoot, I enjoy whatever the vision is for that photographer," she explained.

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"And usually, they have their group of people that they work with. If it's something that I'm personally working on or something for one of my brands, I know what I wanna look like," Kardashian continued, "But if it's someone else's vision, I really do trust them to take over."

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Kim Kardashian Reveals How She Got Her Part In The 'AHS' Series

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Before opening up about her former publicist, Kardashian got vulnerable about her journey in the acting scene. She recalled walking the entertainment path in her twenties before making the big change.

"And now you're transitioning into acting. To being somebody else on camera. How is that?" Sevign asked, to which Kardashian replied: "I really enjoy it. You know, it started off as something that was a challenge to myself, and I got an amazing opportunity to work with Ryan Murphy."

The 43-year-old explained that Murphy initially approached her with a "reality-based" project; however, she wasn't into it. "Then he came back and said, 'You know what? I really wanna write something for you, and would you consider doing American Horror Story?'"

"I obviously know the franchise and how amazing the show is and what a cult following it has, and it was an honor that he even believed in me," Kim Kardashian continued, adding:

"And sometimes it just takes that one person to really believe in you and give you that push, and I tried it, and I just really enjoyed the process."

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'The Kardashians' Star Criticized Her Own Voice

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During the interview, Kardashian revealed she was open to adopting an accent in future acting projects. However, it wasn't only to embody the character but because she disliked her voice.

The TV personality bashed her speaking voice as "distinct and annoying," causing Sevign to assure her that there was nothing wrong with how she sounded. "Don't we all find our voices annoying?" the fellow "AHS" actress said.

"But yeah, because people know you — I mean, they know the way you move, the way you talk because you've been on camera for so long," Sevign continued, "And now, trying to hide within the character must pose like a different set of challenges."

Kim Kardashian Will Star In Another Ryan Murphy Production

Kim Kardashian attends the 2023 Baby2Baby Gala

On adopting accents, Kardashian praised Murphy for casting her as a publicist in "AHS." She noted that this character was easy to portray as it wasn't something she wasn't used to.

"I think that's why Ryan was so amazing at picking this role for me because it is something that's believable, but a little different than my personality but not too far off," Kardashian raved.

"So where it wasn't like throwing me out into something so different that it would be a stretch for me. And opened up to so much more criticism because this was just, I think, believable," she added.

On that note, Kardashian revealed she was excited to star in another Murphy production — an untitled legal drama. However, she didn't share more details about the upcoming show.

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