Kim Kardashian leaving the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show in Paris with her daughter North West

Kim Kardashian Accused Of 'Upstaging' Daughter North By Posing In A Similar 'Lion King' Outfit

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By Favour Adegoke on June 5, 2024 at 11:15 AM EDT

Kim Kardashian's decision to pose in a "The Lion King" costume similar to the one worn by her daughter, North West, has drawn the ire of fans.

On Tuesday, the SKIMS founder took to her Instagram page to share pictures of herself wearing the outfit. However, she was met with backlash from some fans who claimed she was trying to steal her daughter's spotlight.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian previously ignored criticisms that her daughter, North West, was a "nepo baby."

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Kim Kardashian Rocks 'Lion King' Inspired Outfit Similar To Daughter North West's Simba Costume

Last month, Kardashian's daughter, North, was cast as Young Simba for a Disney show and wore a furry tan costume for her performance.

Later, the beauty mogul shared behind-the-scenes pictures of her daughter, who could be seen wearing a similar outfit and accessorizing with a furry hoodie, bag, shoes, and matching shades.

Just when it seemed that the attention from her previous gesture had died down, Kardashian shocked fans by sharing a picture of herself now wearing the outfit.

But if she was expecting applause from fans, she was mistaken. Instead, she got dunked on repeatedly, with many accusing her of trying to upstage her daughter.

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Fans Slam The SKIMS Founder For Seemingly Stealing Her Daughter's Moment

One user commented on Kardashian's latest post: "One thing she gone do is upstage her daughter cause she bought the stage."

Another said, "Just [because] you can, doesn't mean you should."

Some other individuals candidly called her out, saying, "Why can't she ever let anyone have their moment," and "GIRL WHY YOU GOTTA STEAL YOUR DAUGHTER'S SPOTLIGHT [?] THIS IS BEYOND SELFISH"

One more person noted, "Kim, you couldn't wait to get into this outfit, huh? Did you also want to play Simba? I bet if they let you, you would. You're honestly so ridiculous sometimes."

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Kim Kardashian Added Extra Flair To Her Outfit

Kim Kardashian at 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party - Arrivals

The SKIMS founder mirrored North West, donning a similar hoodie and bag against a gray background. However, she deviated slightly by wearing a bodycon instead of a baggy robe and adding furry trousers that wrapped around her figure. Additionally, she opted for a contrasting gray shade in one of the shots and accessorized with a brownish leather garter.

In the pictures, Kardashian can be seen lying on the bare floor, squatting in another, and striking various poses while standing, all of which showcase her keen sense of fashion.

She also captioned the pictures "kk in erl," seemingly paying homage to designer Eli Russell Linnetz, who designed the outfit for her and also the one her daughter wore.

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Meanwhile, ERL reciprocated the gesture by tagging Kardashian in several photos of herself wearing the attire on his page, similar to what he did with the shots for North.

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The Beauty Mogul's Family Plans To Feature North's Performance In Their Reality Show

Kim Kardashian And North West Going For Lunch At L'AVENUE Restaurant

Around the time Kardashian's daughter's outfit and Lion King performance went viral, rumors spread that the Kardashian family planned to feature it in their reality show on Hulu, "The Kardashians."

According to reports, the family intended to capitalize on the attention it had garnered and viewed the performance as a "major selling point" from the onset.

A source dished, "The promise of the moment being shown on the show and to go and be seen everywhere was also a major selling point for having North a part of the festivities."

They added, "Like everything the Kardashians do, this was well documented and planned. They have to keep the brand somehow."

Social Media Claimed North-West Got The Role Because She Is A 'Nepo Baby'

Kim Kardashian wearing Balenciaga arrives at the 11th Annual LACMA Art + Film Gala 2022

During the performance, North had the support of her family, with her father, Kanye West, along with other family members, including Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and her husband, Travis Barker, seen cheering her on.

However, social media reacted differently, as many claimed that she only got the role because she was a Nepo baby.

An insider later fuelled the rumors, saying that the ten-year-old was "100 percent" picked because of her family's relationship with the showrunners, who are producers of "The Kardashians" and "The Lion King" musical.

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"The Lion King at the Hollywood Bowl and The Kardashians are both produced by the same production company, Fulwell 73 Production," the insider told the Daily Mail. "This was a shoe in for North, and she was told that if she can carry a note, the gig is hers."

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