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Shania Twain Talks Carrying 'Physical And Emotional Scars' From Her 'Challenging Childhood'

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By Favour Adegoke on May 27, 2024 at 5:15 PM EDT

Shania Twain recently revealed she still carries "emotional and physical scars" from her challenging childhood. The iconic singer channels her pain into writing, transforming raw emotions into upbeat songs.

Twain, who grew up in poverty and witnessed domestic violence, now embraces her body and confidence. Recently, she began a sold-out Vegas residency, dazzling fans with her evolving style.

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Shania Twain Opens Up About Her 'Emotional And Physical Scars' From Childhood

Shania Twain at the 2024 Pre-GRAMMY Gala

Speaking to Elizabeth Day on the "How To Fail" podcast, Twain revealed that she carries numerous "emotional and physical scars" from her younger years.

The 58-year-old singer said, "I have lots of scars. I have a lot of scars from cooking. I have a lot of scars from working in the bush with sharp tools. I have a lot of emotional scars...."

She added: "'I've been through a challenging childhood and then my open throat surgery. Over time, I have realized that all of those experiences have really made me who I am today, and I wear them well."

Twain also recounted growing up in poverty in Canada, with her parents struggling to make ends meet and often not having enough food.

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She shared that her mother and stepfather had a tumultuous marriage, marked by frequent violence, which she witnessed from a young age.

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The Singer Channels Her Pain Into Writing To Live Through Her 'Suffering'

Shania Twain at Universal Music Group 2023 65th GRAMMY Awards After Party

When life gets difficult, Twain shared that she channels her pain into writing. She explained, "I'll document my feelings, I'll put things down, they're very raw, they're very real, they're very in the moment, and I live them. I like to live through my suffering."

While some notes turn into lyrics, Twain admitted that she often revises them to be more upbeat. "They're now reflections of what I've been through, but they are on the other side. They represent the healed experience with a scar," she said, per DailyMail.

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Twain revealed, "I've been someone that has been coming into my comfort my whole life. I think it's just a process. I live it every day." She also confessed that she used to feel too shy to flaunt her body in revealing attire for many years. However, she emphasized, "Now, I'm perfectly fine with it."

The "You're Still the One" singer added: "It's been a process for me. The 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman!' video was the first time I'd ever performed with legs at all."

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The Singer Dreamt Of Being Saved While Growing Up In Poverty

Shania Twain at The Brit Awards 2023

A special edition of "On The Red Carpet" honored Twain's illustrious career with an intimate interview inside the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas during her residency.

During her conversation with George Pennacchio, the five-time Grammy winner delved into her music and shared insights into her extraordinary life journey, including her challenging upbringing in Canada, marked by extreme poverty.

Reflecting on her childhood struggles, she revealed, "When I was a child, I always dreamt that the days or the weeks that we didn't have any food, or we didn't have any heat in the middle of winter that somebody would come and save us."

Shania Twain Recalls Memorable Incident From Her Childhood

Shania Twain

The "That Don't Impress Me Much" singer also discussed her iconic fashion choices and recounted a memorable incident from her early days in Nashville.

The incident involved a confrontation outside a bar, where she witnessed someone pulling a gun in the parking lot.

Recalling the experience, she remarked, "It was a new experience for me. In the bars where I grew up singing, they fight all right. But they fist fight."

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Shania Twain Dazzles For Her Vegas Residency

Twain recently made a triumphant return to Vegas, kicking off her new residency with a sold-out weekend.

Sharing snapshots from the evening on Instagram, she expressed gratitude to fans, writing: "I'm waking up dreaming after a SOLD OUT weekend in Vegas. Thank you all for coming out to party with me for the opening of my Come On Over - All The Hits residency! I loved seeing so many familiar faces in the crowd!!".

In the photo, Twain's long, flowing white curls stole the show, cascading effortlessly past her shoulders and complementing her silvery space cowgirl vibe.

To add to the allure of the moment, the singer's hair underwent a clever transformation during an outfit change, as a tipped hat revealed a dark root. This subtle detail shifted her look from ethereal dream to edgy platinum, enhanced even further as the hat came off completely.

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