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Bethenny Frankel Doubles Down On Calling Out Luxury Brand With 'Petty' Tattoo

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By Afouda Bamidele on May 27, 2024 at 12:45 PM EDT

Bethenny Frankel's war against Chanel isn't ending anytime soon as she happily trolled the luxury brand with a new tattoo.

The "Real Housewives of New York City" alum recently visited a famous tattoo shop in New York, claiming she wished to get a "meaningful" body art. The hilarious journey had her fans cracking up and begging Frankel to never stop being a savage queen.

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Bethenny Frankel Takes Fans On Her 'Meaningful' Tattoo Journey

Bethenny Frankel at FX's 'Feud: Capote VS. The Swans' New York Premiere

Frankel, a rising star on TikTok, recently updated her page with two videos detailing her journey to get a tattoo.

The first clip began with the reality TV star rocking her signature cowboy style, featuring a cowboy hat over a white tank top, a mini denim skirt, and complimentary cowboy boots.

"Come with me to get a tattoo. Let's do this," she excitedly declared before walking into Vibes Ink Tattoo in New York. She filmed herself meeting the store's employees, raving about how she respected the family-owned business before meeting the owner and lead artist, Taboo.

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"I want something meaningful," Frankel told him before tapping her upper right arm when Taboo asked where she wanted it. The pair soon develop an amicable bond, dancing to the background music while the tattoo artist got his gear and black ink.

Following the preparations, Taboo held what appeared to be a tattoo gun and asked Frankel, "You sure about this?" To which she confidently replied "Yes" before the artist began his work.

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The Whole Video Was An Hilarious Trolling Moment

The comment section of the first post had several fans speculating if Frankel was genuinely getting a permanent tattoo or a temporary one to shade Chanel. However, Vibes Ink Tattoo's tattoo shop confused many by claiming, "We only do permanent tattoos [wink emoji]."

The questions about Frankel's body art were finally answered in the second video when Taboo cleaned her arm and began to draw. Eventually, he dropped the device and declared, "Alright, that's it, man. We're done."

Frankel excitedly squealed her thanks before hugging the tattoo artist, getting her bag, and exiting the shop. The camera doesn't pan to her new body art until the last minute, revealing what fans had feared — a black Chanel logo.

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"She is nothing if not committed," the 53-year-old captioned the post alongside a slew of hashtags that showed she was committed to trolling Chanel following her disastrous encounter at one of the brand's stores.

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Fans Love Frankel's Diss At Chanel

The revelation of Frankel's fake Chanel tattoo had her fans cracking up in the comment section. One TikTok user earned laughing emojis from the entertainer with the comment, "They go low, you go as low as you can go. Love it."

Another supporter echoed similar sentiments, writing: "Ha! I believed it for 3 seconds and was so disappointed. You are awesome." A third added, "Lady, this is GOLD. Do not quit."

The applause for Frankel's trolling continued with a fan declaring, "I said, 'That better be a Chanel tat, or I'm out of here." Another social media user penned:

"This is hilarious! Girl, you had me believing you seriously went to get a tattoo."

"Omg, the best!!! Can't stop, don't stop," someone begged Frankel while one fan noted they were glued in on her beef with the luxury brand. The individual wrote:

"I am literally checking back a couple times a day, liking, saving, and sharing so that I don't miss any updates on Chanel-gate!"

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A Chanel Boutique Allegedly Denied Bethenny Frankel Entrance Over Her Outfit

Bethenny Frankel at 2022 MTV Movie and TV Awards

The drama between Frankel and Chanel began days earlier, with The Blast reporting that one of the brand's boutiques had allegedly treated her poorly over her outfit.

The 53-year-old addressed the situation on her Instagram Story, sharing the video "CHANEL FIELD TRIP," which detailed the incident. She was decked head to toe in the brand's design and told viewers, "If they let me in because of how I look, Christmas is canceled."\

Frankel might not celebrate Christmas this year as the security guards outside the Chanel store happily let her in without issues. After achieving her goal, she quickly exited the store and compared her experiences in the post's caption, writing:

"It's important that I mention that the three gentlemen outside (not present yesterday) were lovely."

Jessica Simpson Supported Frankel's Narrative

Jessica Simpson heads out in NYC

On her Instagram Story, Frankel shared a screenshot of Jessica Simpson's recollection of the unfortunate incident between her pal and the Chanel boutique. The singer highlighted a moment from her friend's reel alongside the words:

"So they wouldn't let her in the other day without an appointment…. Sue was dressed "regular" like normal humans do everyday. Then went back decked out in CHANEL, and they let her in…. SAME BANK ACCOUNT."

Simpson wasn't the only one disappointed in Chanel's double standards, as fans joined Frankel in calling out the brand. One social media user demanded they take responsibility, writing: "I saw both videos, and Chanel can't deny this. They need to address the situation."

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