Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Offered to separate from Cheryl Hines to ‘Protect Her’

Robert Kennedy Jr.'s Alleged Stalker Ordered To Complete AA/NA Classes

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on May 24, 2024 at 5:45 PM EDT

Last year, an alleged stalker attempted to break into Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cheryl Hines’s Los Angeles home. After a restraining order was granted, the trespasser is now ordered to attend AA/NA classes.

According to legal docs obtained by The Blast, the alleged suspect got a plea deal in his criminal case.

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Robert Kennedy Jr.'s Alleged Trespasser Gets Plea Deal

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Campaigns In Atlanta

At the time of the incident, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s security team was present and managed to subdue the man until the police arrived, leading to his arrest. Cheryl Hines, married to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. since 2014, was also home during the incident but was fortunately unharmed. She was the one who reportedly noticed the man in the yard.

This was not the only time the man trespassed and attempted to break in, as law enforcement was reportedly called back to the home around 1:30 a.m. the following morning. He was arrested again, this time for violating a court order.

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As previously reported by The Blast, the same man who attempted to break into Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cheryl Hines’s home in 2023 was officially charged with three criminal offenses in November of that same year -- "Disobeying Court Order," "Intent to Annoy or Harass With Repeat Calls/Contact," and "Trespass: Injury to Property/Obstruct Business."

After a judge ordered a restraining order, the alleged trespasser is now required to attend AA/NA classes for one year, per documents obtained by The Blast -- a seemingly generous demand considering a politician is involved.

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Robert Kennedy Jr.'s Alleged Stalker Required To Attend AA/NA Classes

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Campaigns in Philadelphia

According to legal documents previously obtained by The Blast, the man was ordered to stay away from the entire Kennedy family and could not "harass, intimidate, molest, attack, strike, threaten, assault, hit, abuse, destroy personal property of, or disturb the peace of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr."

Now, new legal documents, also obtained by The Blast, state that Robert Kennedy Jr's alleged trespasser got a mental health diversion deal implemented for one year to complete AA/NA classes.

"Increased diversion of individuals with mental disorders to mitigate the individuals' entry and reentry into the criminal justice system while protecting public safety," the docs state.

For those who are unaware, AA stands for Alcoholics Anonymous and NA refers to Narcotics Anonymous.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Granted A Restraining Order

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Campaigns in Philadelphia

As The Blast previously reported, Kennedy Jr. was granted a five-year restraining order, which stated that the man must stay away from the entire Kennedy family.

The order prohibits any form of contact, whether direct or indirect, including "in person, by telephone, in writing, by public or private mail, by interoffice mail, by email, by text message, by fax, or by other electronic means," as documented by The Blast.

Additionally, the restraining order specifies that the man cannot own, possess, buy, or attempt to buy firearms, guns, firearm parts, or ammunition.

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Will RFK Jr. Qualify For The June Presidential Debate?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. smiling in a tuxedo

According to ABC, as of May 22, 2024, Kennedy was "halfway to meeting the polling requirement for CNN’s June 27 debate."

CNN set the poll eligibility period from March 13 to June 20 and specified 12 approved pollsters and media outlets. Additionally, the rules stipulate that eligible polls must measure the opinions of registered or likely voters, per the outlet.

"A pair of late April surveys from CNN/SSRS and Quinnipiac University, each of which found Kennedy attracting 16% among registered voters. In eight other eligible polls that tested Kennedy, he fell short of 15%," ABC reported.

In simpler terms, Kennedy could qualify for the June 27 debate over the next month.

Could Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Make History?

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If Kennedy does qualify for the June 27 debate, he could make history.

Since presidential debates began in 1960, only two third-party candidates have made it to the general election debate stage, per ABC. In 1992, Ross Perot participated in all three debates against incumbent President George H.W. Bush and Democrat Bill Clinton.

In 1980, John Anderson debated Republican Ronald Reagan once, without the participation of incumbent President Jimmy Carter, who declined to attend due to Anderson's inclusion.

Kennedy intends to be listed on the ballot in all 50 states. However, his team has only filed formal applications to be on the ballot in six states to this point. This falls significantly short of the 270 electoral votes required.

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